Yosemite Parallels Desktop image ( pvm file)

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by shawnzhsh, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. shawnzhsh macrumors newbie

    Sep 16, 2014
    can anyone direct me where to download PD PVM file, which can be used in Parallels desktop directly?
    I try to covert the Yosemite dmg file to PD, but failed.

    thanks. /Shawn
  2. atvusr, Sep 20, 2014
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    atvusr macrumors 6502


    Apr 5, 2010
    Before installing Yosemite as Guest-OS in a VM, you have to convert the Installer from the App-Store into a bootable Image.

    It's still the same procedure as in Parallels Desktop 9 - see the Parallels Knowledgebase, Article-ID: 118806.

    Of course you need Parallels Desktop 10 to run Yosemite as Guest-OS:

  3. PhiLLoW macrumors 6502

    May 31, 2014
    also keep in mind that you'll need parallels 10 to test Yosemite in a VM.

    parallels 9 can't run yosemite.
  4. pdjudd macrumors 601

    Jun 19, 2007
    Plymouth, MN
    It doesn’t exist - you are going to need to make it yourself since Apple wouldn’t allow you to distribute OSX without a valid license - unenforceable unless it came from Apple itself and they aren’t going to distribute it no matter what.

    You want to VM OSX? It’s allowed via the license, but you have to do it yourself.

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