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    I have searched Apple support and cannot find exactly what problems I am having with Safari.

    Before I updated to OS X Yosemite, various logins to website, Facebook, YouTube, etc. were automatically saved. When I manually clear all history in the browser it must be doing something that is even clearing my stored login credentials. Prior to the update this did not occur? I still want to be able to clear my own browsing history now and then, but not totally clear all my general logins that are saved to several websites.

    Also, each time I open the browser on one of my Macs, it constantly defaults to 2 tabs that I do not want. I have gone to Preferences and told it to always open a default page, but when I have closed the browser and shut down my Mac and start up again the next day perhaps, it's back to those 2 tabs when I first open Safari.

    Any ideas?
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    Safari saves passwords in two different ways. Some are saved to the Keychain applications and they are used in Safari. If you open Safari preferences and look at the Passwords pane you should see entries there with saved passwords.

    Other sites remember your login information in "cookies" files that are save by Safari. In Yosemite when you use that "Clear History and Website Data..." option it erases all the cookies to that login information is gone.

    But the passwords saved in Keychain should still be there. Sounds like you are just losing the ones ties to cookies.

    Unless you want to use a third party utility to manage Safari data, you will just need to stop deleting that data from Safari. Safari under Yosemite does not offer a way to delete only some of that data.

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