Yosemite System Folder Icons Are Atrocious

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    Nov 3, 2013
    I want to use Apple OS X system folder glyphs on the Flader gradient icons. I have been searching and searching but haven't been able to find a set of official Apple glyphs used on Apple OS X system folders.

    I have used Macs regularly since early 2003 when I bought the first flat screen 17" iMac. I still have it, I also own a 2012 MacBook Pro and an iPhone 5. In my opinion, Yosemite folder icons are arguably the worst OS X icons Apple has ever created, definitely worst in the past 5 years without question.

    Image from 2013

    I have regularly customized my Macs with all different types of icons, including the system folders. I have many collections of great icons. Wanting to start brand new fresh with Yosemite, I haven't been wanting to use any of my previously favorite folder icons from the past.

    I recently downloaded the Flader icon sets and customized in Pixelmator, adding simple gradient(s) that matches MacBook Pro aluminum and black, also somewhat matching dark and light mode colors.



    While the Flader icon style/shape is simple and great design - and great that it has layers and is easily editable - I quite dislike most of the custom glyphs included in those and related sets. This brings me to my point.

    Are the official Apple OS X system folder glyphs available, and if so, from where? Help!

    I also haven't found any other non-official suitable glyphs, although I have found tons of nice glyph collections, but all are flawed in some way: missing certain glyphs, non-uniformity in design throughout collection, etc.
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    Nov 3, 2013
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    Can't you just take a screenshot of the 512X512 System Icons, isolate the glyphs in Photoshop, and paste em on top of a suitable generic folder?
    That's what I'd do if I cared enough.

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