You can still go paperless and keep your notebook

Discussion in 'iPad' started by fate0311, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Dec 31, 2015
    Just some experience on my end to share as I have seen threads on completely ridding paper for the iPad Pro.

    Now, I am a student but I have found myself hand writing notes whether it is in class or home with a textbook in front of me. Once I have taken the notes I use Genius Scan on my iPad Pro and import them into Notability.

    Once it is in notability I shred the paper.

    Now some might see that as a waist of time, however for me the retention difference I get from hand writing notes is invaluable. For some reason, I just do not get that with an Apple Pencil and a glass screen...or maybe I just need more patience with it. However I tried using the Apple Pencil and I found myself taking forever writing the same notes that would take me a fraction of the time on paper with a pen.

    Part of this may be due to the fact to match the neatness and consistency with an Apple Pencil that I have with a real pen takes longer....and often trips back to the eraser tool

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    Apr 9, 2010
    Whatever works for you is what is best.

    I have found that using a matte screen protector on my iPad Pro and 2018 iPad allows for a little resistance that makes it easier to write directly on the screen with the Apple Pencil. And then there is "practice". The more I use the Pencil, the closer it gets to the feel and quality of writing on actual paper.

    Notability is a great app. I ended up settling on GoodNotes. GoodNotes offers a macOS version so that I can access my GN notebooks and it supports hyperlinks in .PDF files which allows me to have custom notebooks with section tabs that are easy to navigate.
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    Try Notability. I find it much better than the stock Notes app for one, plus you can record your lectures or meetings for playback later. As far as the Pencil vs traditional pen goes. I find no difference between the two myself so I can’t comment on that.
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    Yeah, I did the same. I preferred taking hand notes in class and either scan or type them up depending on the course. I used my iPad for my textbook storage! Made things a whole lot easier carrying around only my iPad and a binder all day.

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