you cannot sign into imessage on this mac at this time

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Pribas, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Feb 22, 2016

    i have a problem with my iPhone and mac iMessage configuration. i cant configure iMessages to my mac. when i try to use my apple id for my mac iMessages i get error: "you cannot sign into iMessage on this mac at this time" and i get customer code and message to call to apple. when i try my friends apple id, iMessage works on my mack. i try my apple id on his mac, iMessages work. sound crazy. on my mac my apple id not working with iMessages. can anyone faced this problem? maybe some advices how to solve it? if my mac had a problem, another apple id will not work too, but it works. if my apple id will be bad, it will not work on another mac. im messed up. any help will be appreciated.
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Can you create a new account on your Mac then try to log into messages when logged in from that new account? Since your friend can log in to messages, I'm thinking that something in your account on your Mac is messed up and creating a new user could allow you to log in.

    1) Go to system preferences->Users and Groups (click the lock to make changes, and enter your password if it asks you)
    2) Click the + sign below the list of users, just above the lock
    3) Change the new account type from Standard to Admin (just to keep things simple)
    4) Give the new account a name and password, be sure to pick "use a separate password" instead of "use an icloud password" for the new account
    5) Click ok and make sure the new user shows up on the list
    6) click your name on the upper right and wait for the pulldown list of users, then click on the new user and log in to that account, you will remain logged in to your current mac account
    7) launch imessage as the new user and enter your imessage login information when asked. If you get any unexpected prompts asking you to log into icloud simply dismiss them as we are only testing imessage here.
    8) if it works, send and receive a test message to make sure
    9) whether it worked or didn't work, click the apple logo (upper left) and log out of that new user account
    10) log back in to your main mac account so you can come back and report if this worked.

    Could you try that and then come back and tell us how it works?

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