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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by appletimeuser, Sep 3, 2005.

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    I have a brand new laptop.. I've been using it for a month.. In the last few days I've been working a lot with word and files and I started getting this warning messages about macros.. (which I had no idea what were..) anyways.. I read helps in Word and realized that I proboably have a virus that is adding a macro virus to each document I create in Microsoft Word- because every time I save a document now and open it, it says that there is a macro or something and when I send it to my friends they tell me it says that the document has a virus. So I'm pretty much "writing" viruses documents everytime I save them. The help says that I need to check my computer for viruses and then try to get an uninfected copy of the document from the source. What am I supposed to do? How do I check for viruses on a mac?
    And if I did get a virus on a mac what am I to do? I'm new to mac world and I'm freaking out! Please help me! Thanks.
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    reinstall Office? Macs don't get viruses but i hear that of course microsoft software for Macs can (or so i hear) So just reinstall Office. Or at worst you can call up the service number and inform them that you purchased their software and now there is an issue with it and would like help getting it resolved.
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    I recently had this problem too, it was fixed after I re-installed MS Office.
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    Okay... I will try both things.. How can I call the service number? And how do I reinstall office? Do I erase it and then put the cd again or put the cd and it will automatically do it? (I am new to mac.. it doens't have Add/Remove Programs) so how does that work?
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    Just drag office to the trash and empty it, then put the cd in and install again.
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    Duff-Man says....oh, and a couple quick tips for getting assistance on these boards:
    - do not create multiple threads for the same thing.
    - use a *descriptive* thread title (ie, not "help" or something generic like that) - in your case something like "Help with MS Office Macro virus problem" or something like that would have been better....

    ...hope the suggested fix for your problem works.....oh yeah!

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    Removing Macro virus from your apple pc!

    Okay sorry about that... I did fix the problem FINALLY!! YAY!!!! After getting support for an hour! I got a Macro Virus on my mac. For future users if they need help removing it, what you should do is remove Office and erase all content of microsoft from your computer (using spotlight..)
    Remeber to empty trash. There should be a file named Office Update or something like that which will not erase, and a message will say something like "this file is being used" and that's because the virus is trying to run but there is nothing for it to grab... You should restart your computer and then search for the file again and erase it and empty the trash and the file will be removed. After that you can reinstall office and for future reference, when you open a document with a warning macro sign, make sure you select DISABLE macro and not ENABLE macro. Hope this will help someone in the future if they look it up here in the forum.

    If you have a virus protection program (for mac) you don't need to perform the above steps. Just scan your computer and the file should be found and Quarrined or erased... The above option is for people like me without a virus protection program... Thanks!
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    You will need something like Norton to scan your OS X Mac for viruses. As for VB “ Check office help, and type in “turn off macros” of “virus” and one of the options will be “Check documents for macros that might contain viruses.” Read it and it will explain what to do. You can always save your documents as RTFs sans macros, and or as txt files.

    Microsoft Word --->Word (Menu Bar Item)--> Preferences-> General > Protect against Macro Viruses

    Macro viruses are easy for virus programs remove, and should not degrade any of the original content of the document, except for what ever the scripting features were added.

    All of this said, their anti-virus ware may be detecting all Macros as viruses even though they are not. I have my father’s win-tell computer set up that way. So when I sent him an excel sheet to check, he got a virus pop up window. It cleaned the document of the VB scripting that allowed for easy navigation of the sheet. Even if you are not infected, if you are creating a special toolbar or writing some sort of VB script to use with in the documents, then they might be detecting a potential Macro Virus.

    Search the MS Word Help file with the key words “Visual Basic” to learn about Macros.

    Found this page on Google :

    I have no idea how to turn off VB in MS Word. But this should give you a start.

    Edit: I didn't understand the warning you received. If you have word set up to automatically protect you against Macro Viruses, it will prompt you every time it encounters a Macro. It doesn’t mean that you have a virus. You can resave the documents with out the macros. As far as virusus, I don't know of any for OSX. There are trojan horses, but if you don’t P2P file share, you should be OK.

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