You know...Demand Issues could be easily tracked if....

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by thor79, Jul 11, 2008.

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    Jun 8, 2008
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    ...they used the common practice from the video game industry and accepted preorders as soon as the product is announced. They would at least be able to tell how many people are willing to put down the money for it (anyone not placing a preorder gets sent to the back of the line). If they can't fill that number you simply inform the people who won't be getting the phone that it has been delayed and give them an expected date for when supplies will be replenished that will be able to fill their order. Instead people get to wait in line hoping that they don't run out. When they do run out they get to play the waiting game...burning up the phone lines trying to find out if they have received anymore...or burning up the gas going down to the store to check if they have more.

    That would be the most customer friendly thing they could do. At least that would take the guessing out of the equation.

    You know why they don't do that? Hype. They want the huge lines...they want people getting there as early as possible and building the line as big as possible so they can get the media's attention.

    AT&T and Apple are both manipulative little asshats that can kiss my ass.
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    I think they should have had a gradual global roll out. I could live with it being 2-3 weeks behind the 11th July launch in the U.S..

    Also only launch 8 Gb model on the opening day with the 16 Gb to follow "some weeks" later.

    Alas when in a Carphone Warehouse store this morning I saw a 3G phone from somebody else I really liked the look of and its build quality.

    Alas Samsung and Apple dont get on :( Hey this might my the start of my apple ANTI halo effect :apple::p

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