you won't lose AirPods.

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by canyonblue737, Dec 19, 2016.

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    I just don't understand the "you are going to lose your AirPods" argument of many. First off it appears the fit is much better so they don't fall out, great. But the real secret is the case. If you didn't have the case obviously it would be easy to set these things down somewhere and lose them because of how small they are but I will just carry the case with me in a pocket ANYTIME I am using the AirPods. If I take them out of my ears of any reason they go in the case, right then and there. I suppose you could lose the case but with the design concept of the AirPods why in the world would you ever choose to set down the individual AirPods where they would get lost?

    I think this will be a great product for myself and others but we will see soon, they are on the truck for delivery now.
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    I agree that the case makes it rather hard and my view point was the same as yours until I took one off and set it on the granite counter to talk to my wife about my new AirPods that she had to call in to work and take my son to the bus stop so I could nerd out and get early. Well as I was getting ready to walk downstairs, since I actually got my AirPods and got home before she left, I walk away without the other pod. It wasn't till i went to think "hey I want my music back on" then went into panic as it slightly bended in with the paper and granite it was laid across lol.

    So I can definintely see people setting them down and walking away only to remember moments later. Though, losing it from dropping I see happening less often since sound stops if one comes out of your ear. I suppose if you are walking around with both in your ear and aren't listening to anything, you could possibly drop one without noticing. They are that light.
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    I would think that a lot of people will lose them on planes when they fall asleep. I guess that could be easily fixed with SGP's accessory for the AirPod, but kind of defeats the purpose of the AirPods haha.
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    As I travel a lot, this is my real genuine concern re: losing them. I've dropped lots of things between those seats. In biz class, if they fall under the seat, it's a true ordeal having to get the crew to help you to get your item. lol. I think I'd get these instead of the cable though for those times you feel the need for more security (on a plane, working out). But otherwise, they stay in quite nicely with normal activities.
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    Haha I like the hooks better too. Another issue I just realized is there's no way to use these with the on flight entertainment.
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    These could easily fall out of your ears, especially while jogging, and fall in a drain, get hidden under some leaves, whatever, and easily be lost.
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    I'm sure some companies will make a tether of some kind to either clip these to your shirt or collar of even to each other for a relatively cheap cost.
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