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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by i e x e n, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Hey MacRumors,

    I've been thinking lately about the level of control Apple has over your Apple products via your Apple ID. I'm curious, how much do they determine about your account, software and hardware capabilities via your account & history of interactions with Apple Inc.

    People who jailbreak their iPhones deal with this :
    Macforums thread -
    Neowin article -

    I wonder how many "levels" of user groups they have within the Apple ID system, and if you piss them off how quickly they can edit your permissions.

    Does any body have any experience on this? E.G. Apple blacklists, limited lists, etc.

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    I do know that Apple can ban you from being able to buy or create new Apple IDs by your name, device and billing.

    They banned me from ever being able to buy another thing as well as ever creating a new ID as long as I continued to own the computers/iPhones I owned.

    It wasn't because of my phones being hacked in anyway but because they claimed I had negative balances on several hundred accounts totaling about $4500. I would create a new account when they disabled an old one and because I used an iPhone or current Mac, it would instantly be disabled as well.

    I ended up having to sell all but one of my Macs and all of my iPhones because they banned them from using the iTunes store. I bought all new iPhones and a new Mac and signed up to the store with a new ID but I had to use a new card that was never attached to my previous account because it would have resulted in my ID being disabled once again along with the new Mac and new phones.

    I can't ever go back and update those old apps or download past TV shows and movies because they get locked out when an ID is disabled.

    I sold the iPhones here on MR and the new owners never mentioned to me that the phones resulted in their accounts being disabled so for all I know they were able to use them OK. That was back in January.

    I opened my current account on 12-26-11 and have been fine ever since.

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