Your Apple Wishlist


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Aug 31, 2007
South Africa
So, what's on your wishlist?

Here's mine for now which I hope to fulfill over the months to come:

1. MacBook Pro with Retina Display
2. iPad mini...hoping for retina display in v2
3. iPhone...but only if it comes with 128GB
4. If I cannot get option 3, then iPod Touch...but only if it comes with 128GB. Else I'll stick with what I've got for now

I currently have iPod Touch 4th generation, 64GB. I have iPad 2 but want the mini now but again, only for retina display. I might sell out then and buy iPad 4, or 5 if released. And I am well overdue for a new Mac.

I currently have Samsung Galaxy S3 but was highly disappointed to hear S4 has no radio, which I use a lot. That was one of the biggest reasons I never went for iPhone 5. Now they're on par for me for what I need a phone for.

A Hebrew

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Jan 7, 2012
Currently the only Apple products I see myself getting in the future (Next 1-3 years) will be:

1) A rMBP 15" 2013
2) An iPad (Either 5 or 6)