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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dmm219, May 1, 2009.

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    I think it would be handy for a lot of people, if we knew what tv-show quality podcasts we watch on our ATVs on a regular basis.

    I'll start off with the following must-watch podcasts:

    1. The Earth-Touch series of HD podcasts: There are now 4 of these, they are all HD and stunning, and put many big studio cable shows to shame: 1. Lions or Moremi, Weekly 10 Min HD podcast, Weekly HD video and the brand new Marine TV podcast. If you are not watching these, you are seriously missing out on some great content on your ATV.

    2. All of the CNET HD podcasts: excellent content...too many to mention. Just do a search for CNET as a provider. Tech and gadget related.

    3. Tekzilla and Systm, both on Revision TV. The remnants of the old screensavers show. Still pretty good. Patrick Norton is great. I've never been too fond of Veronica Belmont though...

    4. The Dog Files: HD podcast with good production values...if you like dogs, you'll like this podcast.

    5. The Rotten Tomatoes show: movie reviews...not HD but its really well done.

    6. HubbleCast, excellent HD podcast focusing on the NASA ESA space telescope, its discovers and pictures, as well as neat topics such as the history of telescopes

    7. The Spitzer Observatory HD podcast: another, however, less frequently updated Space podcast. Like hubblecast, great production values.

    8. Play-value: now-cancelled "best week ever" style show in HD all about video games and their history

    9. NBC news shows: almost every NBC and MSNBC news show is available for free and in their entirely via podcast...rather poor quality video

    Anybody have others they would care to share?
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    Nov 19, 2008
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    Second for Diggnation
    Totally Rad Show
    any of the College Humor shows
    Tiki Bar TV
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    Ontario, Canada
    I Love TED. Its basically just keynote speakers talking about he most interesting stuff ever.

    Of course, The Onion has been favourited by me.
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    for baseball junkies: podcast is pretty extensive and very well done...its also daily to keep you up to speed on the season...

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