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Jul 23, 2007
Hi, I read that using Ebates, one could get discounts and cash back buying laptops from manufacturers such as Lenovo. How does this work? Is Ebates legit and reliable? Will they know my credit card info if I click the manufacturers or companies' links and buy things via those links?


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Sep 10, 2014
You just get a paper check every 3 months. It has nothing to do with your CC. My last check was only for $16 and change. My highest check was for over $100 (purchased oled tv). Total received on my account just exceeded $1000 over probably 10 years. It’s basically just free money you get for buying what you we’re going to buy anyway. They have just had a name change to Rakuten. Once installed as an extension on your computer, it just pops up when you go to one of their sites and asks if you want their % discount. You hit “yes” and it acknowledges that you will be receiving e.g., 3% on your purchase regardless of the amount you end up buying.
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