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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Blue Velvet, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Blue Velvet Moderator emeritus

    Jul 4, 2004
    Seasonal topic: what are your favorite Easter Eggs in any application incl. OSs?

    Mac or Windows... hell, let's push the boat out -- DVDs even.

    I only know one and I used to like it till it got in the way of work.
    The Quark 4 one where the little alien comes on and zaps your picture box.
    Command + Option + Shift + K

    Here's a little picture if you haven't seen it before.
  2. Jaffa Cake macrumors Core

    Jaffa Cake

    Aug 1, 2004
    The City of Culture, Englandshire
    From the title of your thread, I was thinking you were going to ask about the chocolate variety...

    The Quark Xpress Egg you mentioned is always the first one that springs to mind for me too, but here's something for you to try in Illustrator – the little box in the bottom left-hand corner of your document window (where it displays your currently selected tool, or the number of undos). If you click on this with the option key pressed it gives you a variety of extra options – such as shopping days left until Christmas, the current phase of the moon, or a very useful pair of eyes that follow your every mouse click...

    PS. The Quark Easter Egg you mention also has a further treat – if you zap four or five objects in a row a larger and better equipped alien appears with a more spectacular party piece. ;)
  3. Blue Velvet thread starter Moderator emeritus

    Jul 4, 2004
    Cute. I've got no excuse for not knowing the phase of the moon now or making sure I've got my Xmas shopping in... :)
  4. Hoef macrumors 6502a


    Jul 11, 2004
    Houston, TX..... (keep walking)
    I am always out of the know of these .... I am actually learning from this thread ;)

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