Your Favorite Things About Upgrading


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Jul 3, 2011
I'm hoping we can keep this a positive thread. I'd like to know what you had before and what you have now along with a short list of what your favorite things are about your new phone (vs. your old phone).

I went from a 5 to a Plus. My favorite things...

The screen is big and beautiful. I kind of expected that.

What I didn't expect is how much I would LOVE Touch ID. I always thought it was kind of gimmicky but I've had my phone 24 hours and it has worked flawlessly EVERY time. So much so that I've checked several times to make sure it's even enabled. :p I've always had my phones set up to require a passcode immediately so I am absolutely in love with this feature.


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Oct 18, 2011
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What I liked the most was coming from Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 6 Plus. I somehow didn't like the fingerprint sensor on the S5. Give or take, it doesn't work 100% and you have to hold it a way for it to work. Whereas for Touch ID it works 100% no matter what position you hold in.

I definitely welcome a bigger screen. I was thinking of getting a Note 4, but now the 6 Plus has made me not to get a Note 4.

Screen is perfect, no Yellow screen and I prefer the cool than warm. So I prefer the blueish tint, since most of my device had blueish tint anyways. Awesome battery life.


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Jun 16, 2009
Saint Augustine, FL
I love love love the bigger screen. Not that my 5S's was too small, per se, but I really love the bigger screen. And the OIS, and absolutely the improved battery life.

And I love buying new cases. I'm an unabashed casewhore and it'd gotten to the point that I couldn't really justify buying any more new ones for the 5S. Now I have an excuse to reload. :eek:
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