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Discussion in 'iPad' started by snow755, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Over the last year Apple has been trying to cure itself of its dependency on Samsung, but that’s been pretty hard to do. Samsung makes Apple’s RAM, some displays, and is the sole supplier of processors for Apple’s mobile devices.

    There has been speculation about where Apple might go to supplement or replace Samsung, and one of the top contenders Apple might turn to is Intel. According to a new rumor Apple is already in talks with Intel about using them to replace Samsung.

    RBC Capitol’s Doug Freedman reports that there have been advanced talks on a deal to bring Apple’s processor manufacturing needs over to Intel. Freedman even claims to know specific terms of the deal that are being discussed right now.

    Intel would agree to use Apple’s preferred architecture for the iPhone — the one from Intel’s British rival, ARM Holdings.
    In return, Apple would agree to switch to Intel’s x86 architecture for the iPad.

    As reported by Fortune, Freedman claims that Apple’s demand for 12-inch system-on-a-chip wafers in 2013 could approach 415,000, which would outstrip Samsung’s ability to supply, giving Intel an upper-hand. Apple’s foundry business in 2013 could be worth $2 billion in 2013.

    We find it hard to believe that Apple would switch the iPad over to Intel chips when ARM has better battery life. However, with all of Intel’s knowledge and manpower in chip making, many expect Intel’s mobile processors to surpass ARM’s in terms of energy efficiency in the near future

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    That's an interesting case to study.
    Would compatibility be preserved? Is the Obj-C (language for iPad apps) architecture-agnostic?
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    The promise that the x86 architecture will get more energy efficient Real Soon Now(tm) has been one of the biggest fantasies Intel has been flogging for, geez, at least a decade.
  4. flavr, Dec 13, 2012
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    This WONT HAPPEN because any benefit to having INTEL make the ARM chips is negated by fragmenting the hardware using x86 for iPad and ARM for iPhone. This would force developers to have to write completely separate code for iPad and iPhone specific apps, or run on an emulator which will cause a performance/battery hit. Apple spends a lot of money and manpower on creating their awesome ARM based chips (A6X the latest), they are not going to throw x86 in the mix.

    In fact you can expect to see the opposite...as ARM processors become more powerful and energy efficient you will soon see Apples own ARM designs in their laptops and eventually Desktops.

    I think the more probable thing here is I suspect the gentleman who wrote the article owns a bit INTEL stock...
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    I thought major tech writers aren't allowed to own tech stocks
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    Nov 9, 2011
    I wrote this part half joking, but I don't know the rule on that...from what I understand anybody can own a stock as long as they disclose that they do. Beside, in this case, I doubt this guy would be considered a major tech writer...
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    From the linked piece
    ... many expect Intel’s mobile processors to surpass ARM’s in terms of energy efficiency in the near future.

    Really? "Many"? This sounds like that spongy language used by some news-like outlets, I want to know who these "many" are.

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