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    Dec 9, 2010
    Here is a basic list of the Ipad app's i have on my new Ipad2 and i was wondering what else to put on the ipad in the way of app's

    Basic aftermarket app's list i have on the ipad

    -Amazon shopping
    -To do & note taker
    -Shopping list
    -Nightstand with weather & time
    -Dvd Library
    -Book Library
    -Safe Browser
    -Mp3 music app
    -Home inventory

    Aftermarket games app list i have on the ipad
    -Ponos Forever
    -Trival Purist's
    -Hollywood Sqaure's
    -Family Feud

    I trend to have to spend alot of the time in remote areas for my work and afterwork alot of the guys tend to get on the Wifi system that we have set up at the remote camp's and it makes it hard to connect to the internet with everyone on it ..

    So i basically get up about hour early than anyone else in the camp to conncect to the Wifi there where i'm working at and then do all my shopping or answering my emails or sending video messageing to the family or the grandkid's ..

    My tv watching time is limited to what ever i can catch at the time because most of the guys are tuned into something that i do not care to watch or there is a baseball game on then i sit and watch tv .. So games are the one thing i enjoy in my time off after work in this remote work camp's ..

    So i have heavy in the area's of games on the ipad and i was wondering if anyone else has a idea of apps to put on it ..

    The note takeing and shopping list app works great and the Dvd & Book Lirbrary app are great so no changes there ..The Nightstand app was add and i like it for it goes into weather and time along with a alarm clock for wakeing me up in the morning before work when hitting the screen icon for it ..I have a folding metal stand that it sit in dureing the night when it beening recharged on the desk ..I have to get up and shut it off that way i'm up and semi moveing in the morning before work

    The Safe Browser app is the thing i add to the ipad because of a one person thinking it was funny to post what some of guys at the camp there family email's to them on the big screen tv dureing lunch one day ..So after that i keep the safe browser app on when i'm at the camp for work

    The Home Inventory app is for insurance reason and it worth it to be able to keep track of the stuff i have at the house when i'm not there and if something happens i have it for insurance needs

    So any other good application can you guys think of putting on the ipad for personal use .

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