Your iPad is already active on a subscription plan that cannot be managed.....

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    I got the new Verizon Ipad a few weeks ago and just now attempted to activate the 4g service. The first few attempts resulted in an error message related to my SIM card (something to the effect that it had already been in use or something). After calling Verizon and taking the card out, running through a script, and putting it back in, we eventually got it to the point where we could connect to the 4G service and that specific SIM card error message went away. However, now I am getting this error: "Your iPad is already active on a subscription plan that cannot be managed on this device". I called and talked to another rep who said they are experiencing this issue with a number of Ipads and she was submitting a ticket for me to get the error "cleared out". She said it could take a week?

    When I go in and click "View Account" I either get this error message above or I get a brand new registration window to start all over again. Then immediately the "LTE" goes away in the upper left, it starts searching again, eventually finds the signal, and I get a popup saying "cellular data plan has been activated" or something to that effect. Then I am good to go.

    Anyone dealing with this and have it cleared up? They are acting like its something in their system that will just go away on its on but I don't buy it. I am getting the service so I am just trying to get the "view account" functionality to work. Thanks all.
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    What may have happened is that someone activated a postpaid data plan and then returned it. Go to a Verizon store, or call Verizon Wireless' customer support and ask for a brand new, unactivated Micro-SIM card.

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