Your iPhone hopes for 2014? My list of things that make Samsung Galaxy S4 mini cool.

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    Here is my list, it's simply summary why my 3rd phone is not an iPhone this year. (I still have two iPhones 5, iPad Mini 1, iPad Air, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and number of other Apple devices at home and two offices so I am not going anywhere, but I do like the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Duos phone.)

    I am not going to mention small things/issues such as my hope Apple increases the size of the icons in the folder view. That's a given.

    My list of things that make Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos cool choice. It doesn't mean it's a better device or Android is better. It's just that these are really cool things I like about this particular device.

    1. Widgets and Dashboards

    So much more useful. iOS has none. Just sea of icons. There is concern with battery life if you have many widgets on Android. Apple could really do this well this time. And when Apple is on it, why not doing something with the home screen as well?

    2. Dual SIM cards

    Dual SIMs are huge. This market is growing by triple digits, there are many reasons to use more than one SIM card (savings, travel, work/home phone etc..). If only Apple could stop listening to phone companies in US and Canada and start making those Dual SIM phones before the cheap Chinese phone makers come in swarms. Samsung, Alcatel, LG, HTC, Sony, Asus they are mall dual sim phones now. Even such laggards as Nokia.

    3. Remote control (admin)

    I appreciate the fact iOS is probably pretty secure, however, Samsung is pushing their KNOX services to make it more Blackberry-level enterprise ready. This could be a challenge for Apple.
    At the same time, Android phones can be remotely administered if needed through TeamViewer. In other words, you can have complete control of the phone through a PC or Mac as if you would do remote control of another computer. That's a cool if you need provide remote support. Right now, iOS only allows limited access to the phone remotely, such as taking screenshots.
    It's not a negative point, as the function of Teamviewer is likely limited to Sandboxing in iOS, but some sort of remote admin should be provided with iOS.
    I am sure apple included a back-door for FBI, CIA and the likes, so why not include a secure remote admin connection option to the device - maybe not as default option - but through installation via iTunes.

    4. Size matters (but not always as is in this case.)

    This Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos phone is JUST mere 108 gram! Yes. Compared that to iPhone, it's much less. Yes, iPhone has a gorgeous screen and built interface. But on weight grams-only basis, the Samsung device wins hands down. It's featherlight, feels gorgeous in the hand. It's made of plastic, but nice built and packs a lot of stuff in the body. Plus dual SIM card plus removable battery. The device is approximately same size as iPhone 5 and it has much bigger screen than iPhone.
    My hope is Apple is not going to get nuts with making the 5 and 6 inch size bulky bricks only, but continue to focus on making the devices light. Personally I prefer small phones, that's probably because my iPads and 1 Galaxy Tablet are for all my heavy duty work. Small IS beautiful and I hope Apple introduces a device with a 4 inch screen, same size factor as iPhone 4 but 99 Gram or less!


    There are few other things which work adorably well on the Samsung Android device, but I am not going into such details, as they are not related to any of these points.

    iOS is the most perfected mobile OS, however, Apple needs to recognize these are trends in mobile, so I hope they don't screw things up, because if they do, it could reflect in Apple's future potential.
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    Seems to me that you contradict yourself in your last paragraph.
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    Yes, maybe it sounds like that. What I mean iOS is currently more perfected system in terms of:

    1. Handling
    2. Feel
    3. Look
    4. Reliability
    5. Ease of use

    It doesn't mean it can't get better. As I mentioned, the purpose was not the call out for comparison of features. There are things such as customization in Android which is not possible in Apple. I would not call for Apple to enable more customization as I would suggest somebody who needs customization to go with Android rather than Apple.

    All I did is to list 4 general factors which are system-agnostic. So my statement is valid :)

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