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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Doctor Q, Sep 5, 2007.

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    At The Beat Goes On event, Apple introduced their ringtone service and we heard some of the songs Steve Jobs likes as ringtones, including [playlistId=51957862&i=51957867]Respect[/playlistId] (Aretha Franklin) for his wife, [playlistId=261984902&i=261985103]Give Peace a Chance[/playlistId] (John Lennon) for NBC (as a joke), [playlistId=571994&i=571910]Love Shack[/playlistId] (The B-52's), [playlistId=160967&i=160953]What'd I Say[/playlistId] (Ray Charles), and so on.

    If you'll pick songs as ringtones just because you happen to like them, that's fine. Everyone has favorite music and we have DailyTunes to help us find your favorites.

    But if you choose songs because of their titles or their lyrics, because they somehow match the person you'll assign them to, tell us which songs you use or plan to use, and for whom.

    I hope you have suggestions better than the [playlistId=24273134&i=24273112]Mother-in-Law Polka[/playlistId]!
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    Before I can even figure that out what I'd like to know is when will this capability be available? And how many songs from the iTunes library will be available for ringtone? Jobs mentioned 600k, but on the Apple website they're saying a million songs.

    So what's the deal?

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