Your slickest QS hacks?

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    Anyone care to share your favorite QS innovations? I'm particularly happy with my web search triggers. I have four main web searches: Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, and Amazon. I set their "Search For..." triggers to ctrl-cmd-s, ctrl-cmd-a, ctrl-cmd-x, and ctrl-cmd-z, respectively. However, I did something else that is really convenient. I also set their inverse functions to the shifted version of the same hotkey. If you have text selected, you can type

    cmd-escape (to invoke QS with the text), tab, Find With..., tab, Your_Search_Bookmark to do the same thing as Your_Search_Bookmark, tab, Search For..., tab, Your_Search_String. However you can make this into a hotkey using proxy objects.

    Making Find With... work with Proxy Objects (using Web Search Bookmarks that you've already created):

    I got this from Howard Melman's Quicksilver User's guide on page 88. There's a trick to setting the hotkey: when Current Proxy Object is selected, you can't get the Find With... action in the second pane. But if you copy the Find With... action using command-c, you can paste it in to force it. So

    Step 1. Get some text in the 1st pane
    Step 2. Tab to second pane, get the find with... action in the pane
    Step 3. With the 2nd pane selected, cmd-c to "copy" the Find With... action
    Step 4. cmd-, to get QS preferences, go to Triggers pane.
    Step 5. New trigger. First pane is "Current Selection", tab over
    Step 6. cmd-v to PASTE the Find With... action into second pane
    Step 7. Get the quicksearch bookmark that you've already made into the third pane.

    I recommend binding them to the shift of the same combo that performs your Search For... actions. So if I see an address and I want to see it on a map, I highlight the address and cmd-shft-ctrl-a. This is way faster than the standard copy and paste into a Google Maps search for... trigger. If I see something I want to wiki, it's ctrl-shift-cmd-w, etc. I actually use the Find With... versions of these more than the Search For... versions, since what usually prompts me to search for something is seeing it in print, right? This is also the natural way to lookup words with your dictionary of choice (I use e for that; d is for bookmarks).


    Use Mimetypes to make your Web Search Bookmarks Even Better.

    The Web Search plugin works for any bookmark that points to a legitimate search url as long as that url includes *** where the search string should be. However, you can make those links into another mimetype, the qss-http mimetype, and have those links be opened directly by QS whenever they are navigated to. Since there's never a reason to browse to a web search link with the browser (we always want to use it in conjunction with QS), this is a sensible thing to do. I recommend editing all of your web search bookmarks so that they point to qss-http versions of your urls. EG, the classic google websearch url is something like this (I have use the Beta Shortcuts version of it):***&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=&esrch=BetaShortcuts

    However you should save your web search bookmark to point to this url:


    Try using the two urls and see what happens. In upper example, it navigates you to a useless google search. In the second case (which you will have to copy-paste into the address bar, (or if you are using Safari, you can cmd-esc it into quicksilver and then hit enter to navigate to it)), because this bulletin board does not permit the linking of odd mimetypes, probably for security), it will prompt you to pick an application to handle the qss-http mimetype. Pick Quicksilver and watch as the second url directly invokes the quicksilver search. Pretty cool, huh? Now you can use your bookmark search trigger to find your web search bookmark. That is meta, folks.

    Making Good Google Maps Web Search Bookmarks

    Making a "Google Maps Search" web search bookmark that defaults to searching near a preset location.

    One more thing about making the google maps quicksearch bookmark. It's better to make one that defaults to centered over your location. This way you can Google Maps Search -> Search For... -> "Pizza" and not have to do anything else to see the pizza that's around your house. To do this,

    1. Go to Google Maps and search for your address
    1a. If your home did not pop up immediately, select it from the list of possible locations so that the map is centered on your house.
    2. Play with the map so that you have it how you want it (e.g., I prefer to zoom it out a couple of clicks from the default, nearly-zoomed-in-view).
    3. In the blue bar just above the map window, click the link button. Copy the link URL from the box that pops up and paste it into the window and hit enter to navigate there. This URL specifies all the variables that need to be specified in order to have the search results centered over your location, at the zoom level you want, and with the viewing features that you want enabled (e.g., street view, satellite view, traffic view). You will notice that there are a lot of not-human-readable variables.
    4. Search for *** in the search bar.
    5. Click the link button again, and copy this new url into your location bar and hit enter to navigate to it.
    6. Bookmark the page and save it as "Google Maps Quicksearch" or something like that. I like saving Quicksilver things with Multiple Capitalized Words for most facile searching.
    7. (optional) you can set up many of these triggers for different locations. Like Work - Google Maps Quicksearch and Home - Google Maps Quicksearch.


    Here's an example of a bookmark created in this way, that is always going to search midtown manhattan for whatever you put in the search string. Try copying and pasting that into your browser's url bar (if it prompts you for a mime-type, chose quicksilver). It will invoke the quicksilver web search (make sure the plugin is installed and the Search For... action is enabled) and the third pane will be active. Try searching for something, like "Apple Store" or "Pizza". It's always going to show you manhattan. I love it!


    Get Directions From Web Search Bookmark

    In this bookmark, you will specify one location as a preset that will be the same each time you search, and one location that is variable. For instance I have one that gets directions FROM my home TO the search string. I also have one that gets directions FROM the search string TO my home.

    1. Go to google maps.
    2. "Get Directions"
    3. From: whatever you want. To: "***". [Or switched, if you are making a FROM bookmark].
    4. Click search. it shouldn't find anything for ***, but make sure the one place it does find is the place you wanted to start or end at.
    5. Click "link" in the blue bar, copy and paste into location bar, navigate there, and bookmark it. Mine are "To Home - Google Maps Directions" and "From Home - Google Maps Directions". TH and FH get me there.
    6. Optionally, you can append qss- to the bookmark's url to use the high tech mime-type feature, discussed below.

    I don't have these two on triggers, but you easily could.

    Hope you enjoyed these and please share your favs
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    I'm going to take your Google search idea and use it. I hope you don't mind. :) Different hotkeys, though.
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    Edit: Nevermind! I thought it read OS hacks, not QS hacks!
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    I have a few. Triggers are the main one. I have one to relaunch the dock and one to relaunch finder.

    they are just 'killall Dock' or 'killall Finder' run in a command shell. I also have a trigger to lock my 1password keychain, this one just uses the command
    'security lock-keychain 1Password.keychain' run in a command shell.

    My last is to show the currently playing iTunes song using Growl.

    I use the comma trick a lot for deleting a list of files within a folder.

    I use QS as my terminal, I've made 'run a text command in terminal' my main option so I just type a command in QS and hit enter to run the command.

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