Your take on a RAM plan?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by TheStrudel, Mar 13, 2010.

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    Ordinarily, with most computer components, you can expect prices to drop over time, and thus waiting as long as you can to purchase is the best policy.

    However, when you want something that was never produced in the largest quantities for a very limited number of machines, such as the 800 Mhz FB-DIMMs with heat-spreaders my 2008 Mac Pro requires, this logic no longer works. It's actually becoming more expensive as time goes by, so I should really make my purchases soon, before the price gets any higher.

    I currently have 10 GB of RAM (the stock 2x1GB + a 4x2GB I ordered from OWC), which has served me pretty well. As software is finally getting going on the 64-bit train and I look to the future again, I'm wondering about how to proceed. An appealing upgrade option is the 2x4GB OWC sells for $329, but perhaps it would make more sense to get the 4x4GB for $649, thus filling out my slots for a 24 GB total? Price is of course an issue, but I'm wondering if it's best to plow the money into this now as it will never get cheaper.

    What configurations do you suggest? What thoughts do you have? I'm interested to get a few varying opinions on this, particularly from fellow photographers or video editors.
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    If you can afford it, max it out. I have 24gb in my 2008 pro but have yet to max it out as imovie and final cut express isn't 64 bit yet. I have aperture 3 but haven't used it yet to see how well it uses memory. Waiting on 6.3 update. I too buy my ram from OWC. A bit rediculous for these prices but assume they should drop more after the new pro's come out.
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    I originally had 10GB of memory in my 2008 Mac Pro.
    I filled it out with 16GB of memory.
    I use Photoshop, FCP, and Combustion. I have not noticed a whole lot of difference.
    I've tried different things like SSDs to make my Mac Pro go faster but nothing really seems to work.
    So I am just sitting here twiddling my thumbs until applications become 64-bit.
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