your thoughts on the itunes rewards credit card?

i think it would be silly to get it just because you want the itunes rewards, but if you need a way to finance a mac or something then the card's okay i guess. if itunes is something you use a lot. i want a macbook and the next school semester starts soon so I applied for the card. i'm 19 and unemployed (but with income) and I was instantly approved. they're mailing me my card. I heard a lot of people say they were rejected or that it's hard to get, so I don't know why they were rejected and I was instantly approved. probably has to do with the fact that im a student and my parents are my source of income. I do have really good credit scores though. They pulled Trans Union (732) and equifax (dunno) on me. I'm going to buy it for christmas. about 1k in cash and i'll use the itunes reward card for the rest.


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Aug 30, 2007
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the juniper visa card with itunes rewards...?
I got it as an easy and quick way to get my iMac. It's since paid off (taking advantage of the 90days no interest deal) and now it's cut up and not used.

The interest rate is very high. So unless you plan on using it like an Amex and pay it off within 2months everytime you use it. I wouldn't recommend using it as a viable credit means.

There are deals out there with lower interest. The iTunes rewards just aren't worth it, $3000 for 2 $25 cards? BAH


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Feb 9, 2005
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It isn't bad if you plan to utilize the 90 day same-as-cash promotion and/or plan to spend $1250 or more, but it's pretty lame that only your first purchase at an Apple Store is 90 day SAC.

It's also kind of funny to see reactions from people who don't realize that an all-black Visa and an all-black AmEx are two completely different things ;)

Otherwise, like others have said, the interest rate is on the high side, and the joy of getting a $25 ITMS card is tempered by the realization that you spent thousands of dollars on something.

You need 2,500 "points" to get a $25 ITMS card, where $1 = 1 point everywhere but an Apple Store, where it pays out 2 points to a dollar.

In a nutshell, 2% cash back that you can only spend at ITMS and only if you shop exclusively at the Apple Store. Otherwise, 1% cash back that you can only spend at the ITMS.

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