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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by goldenhourfilms, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. goldenhourfilms macrumors newbie

    Feb 10, 2009
    Hi Everyone!

    Here is what I'm looking to do. I have 3 internal Hitachi 1TB 32Mb Cache drives set up in Raid0 Using the software raid on my Mac Pro.

    What I am thinking about doing is getting this HighPoint RocketRAID 2322 Raid Card card - here is the link for it -

    And purchasing this external drive unit -

    PLacing my 3 hard drives in it and buying a couple more. Expending it to the to 8 hard drives.

    What are your thoughts on the Raid controller card? I am on tight budged here and I do understand there are better cards but I can not spend $500 on a controller card at this time.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. CaptainChunk macrumors 68020


    Apr 16, 2008
    Phoenix, AZ
    That should in theory work fine, but what level of RAID do you plan on running in the enclosure?
  3. goldenhourfilms thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 10, 2009
    Thanks for responding!

    I plan on running Raid0. Im looking to get the most out of these drives. Pure speed. I plan on backing up files that I want to make sure are safe to another drive. Unless there is a Raid level that can give me the best read and writes with some data security?
  4. bigbossbmb macrumors 68000


    Jul 1, 2004
    with 8 drives, go with RAID5... you'll have one disc of redundancy and very very good speed.
  5. cpcarrot macrumors member

    Jan 24, 2008
    +1 For RAID 5.

    Even if your working uncompressed HD an 8 drive RAID 5 is more than quick enough.
  6. goldenhourfilms thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 10, 2009
    I am starting to feel that maybe a little bit of a safety net is a good thing to have. I think I will be trying out Raid 5.

    Any thoughts on that controller card? I haven't been able to find any other card that supports 8 external drives for the same price. I know it dose not have a on bored Cache. But One thing I have not been able to find is which processor is controlling that card. I want to make sure this is truly going to be a hardware Raid set up.

    One last question. PCIe 4x - Is that enough for 8 drives? Or should I have two of these cards running a set of 4 each. From what I understand PCIe is capable of 1,000 Megabits per second?

    thanks again every one!
  7. MacUserPeggy macrumors newbie

    Mar 17, 2009
    Hey guy,I used RR2322 in winxp the compatibility and performance is very good. If you are on tight budget here, I thought this RocketRAID 2322 agree with you. But you need SFF8088 to SFF8470 external minisas to infiniband female (Screw) connectors cable.

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