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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nbs2, May 17, 2006.

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    This is a little different than this, but I was inspired by this thread to start this thread.

    My first boss when I was 15 stole my wallet and made me do work that was outside my job description (clean a bathroom - I was hired to interact with customers) to get it back. I was fairly timid, so I didn't question his tactics. When I quit my job (that same day), he got upset enough that he tried to get my mom fired from the bank that she worked at, claiming she stole part of his deposit. Fortunately, everybody at the bank knew that he was a moron, and her boss told him where he could shove his complaint. Oh, my boss was not fired for another nine months. But, then he was. I think for theft. And, I forgot to mention that he would constantly try to short-change peoples hours.

    What about your boss or person you contracted for?
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    I suppose I've been lucky so far. I haven't had "superior" try to con or cheat me and the bosses I've had have been pretty fair for the most part (everyone's got their quirks). I've heard of some of my bosses bosses not being so nice and a few co-workers that tended to rub me the wrong way, but I've tried to block out those memories.

    The weirdest boss I had was an older hippie--still had the long scraggly hair, tie-dyed shirts, and Birks. He once told me to try drugs just so that when Jimmie Hendrix asked "Are you experienced?" I could say "yeeaaah!" Never did take him up on that advice, but we still got along just fine.

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