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    Sep 26, 2007
    I didn't see another thread about this, but if there is already one, please re-direct me to it. My Dad's iPhone youtube app doesn't work. Orignally when he was going to it, the videos would be there under most popular, etc. and when he would click on them they would say something like "this video cannot be played". I thought maybe those videos for some reason weren't the right format (even though they were in the youtube app) but I tried the same videos on mine and it worked fine. I then realized he hadn't updated to 1.02 so I updated his iPhone and now when I click on youtube, none of the videos even come up and it says "youtube is not availabe at this time" or something like that. Anyone know how to fix this without reformatting it? And if reformatting it is the only option does anyone know for sure if the notes/pictures will be resynced after the formatting. I know he can sync his photos but he usually needs me to do that for him (he has a pc so it is not AS easy as iPhoto) and I don't live in the same city so he would have to wait till the next time I came in. Any help would be very appreciated.

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    OH NOES! How will you do without your Chris Crocker and Chocolate Rain?
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