Youtube flash player skin for iweb use


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May 25, 2008
I searched everywhere and couldnt get an answer.
You know youtube has its standard ugly player skin, im using it on my site but wanted to use a black more sleek skin or player for my youtube flash videos.
How can i do that? i am using iWeb and .me to host.

Thank for anyone who helps!


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Dec 7, 2007
Alexandria, VA, USA
Not sure what method you're using now, but if you use the embed option on any You Tube video page, there is an icon to the right to "customize" with options to change color, border and a few other things.

If that's insufficient, setup a You Tube Custom Player and then embed.

If you want complete control, learn how to use the You Tube API which allows you to customize as well. Read the overview on this page and select which method is best for you. Knowledge of HTML and Javascript required for some of the options. This is a professional solution.

If you're not into API stuff, use one of the FireFox addons like this one to download and save the video as an FLV then use your own Flash player with custom skin of your choice. Or use a commercial application that creates Flash players with any look you want (skin) like Moyea.

All of the above will generate code of some sort that you can add into a web page via code snippet in iWeb.

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