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Mar 28, 2017
Seeing Ads on YouTube? Google is testing server-side ads that break adblockers

I just tried accessing YouTube on Google Chrome and even though uBlock Origin is enabled, ads still get played before the actual video I was wanting to watch... Tried Firefox which also has uBlock Origin enabled and it went straight to the video without playing any ads...

Yep, obviously, YouTube is an Alphabet property. Google operates the streaming platform, AND their browser viewing platform. Google has plenty of processing power to recompose video streams so that Ad blockers won't sense discrete ads to block.

the next generation of ad blockers might rely on a bit of image and audio analysis to detect when an ad roll starts (It might be challenging to differentiate scene changes in the actual video.) and then hack the advancement controls.

It might be necessary to download the video stream as a file, take it apart and recompose it without the ads, in a viewer more akin to an editing program.

Good times.


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Dec 22, 2019
Swizztube, from the App Store.
There's a few minor quirks, and one major one: you can't open a video on a separate tab, and when you hit "Back" all the videos rearrange; I can live with it but its a bit irritating.
But it's free, and I like it.
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