YouTube Music Now Offers Discounted Student Membership for $4.99/Month

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    YouTube today launched cheaper monthly plans for students who are interested in both its video streaming service and music streaming service, YouTube Music. For the music service, YouTube is knocking down the price of YouTube Music Premium to $4.99/month from $9.99/month, only for verified students (via TechCrunch).


    This pricing strategy aligns with similar student offers from rivals like Apple Music and Spotify, which both let students subscribe to their services for just $4.99/month. Similar to YouTube Music, Apple Music didn't debut a student discount until nearly a year after the service first launched.

    Students will also be able to subscribe to YouTube Premium for $6.99/month instead of $11.99/month (if students sign up by January 31, 2019, they'll only have to pay $5.99/month). YouTube Premium is the ad-free version of YouTube that includes offline viewing and some exclusive YouTube Originals.

    As more services emerge, companies have begun rolling out more enticing discounts and bundles to offer students. In August, Spotify announced that its Spotify + Hulu bundle for $4.99/month was expanding to also include Showtime, without increasing the cost of the bundle. For non-student users, Spotify and Hulu offer a $12.99/month combo deal, but as of yet the Showtime bundle hasn't expanded beyond students.

    Article Link: YouTube Music Now Offers Discounted Student Membership for $4.99/Month
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    Around the world
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    Shouldn’t the article actually post a link to where one can sign up? I can’t seem to find any means of obtaining this discount.

    I’m also in Canada and am not sure if that discount is available here.
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    This is great news, as I had hoped that Google would eventually introduce a student discount. My only fear is: will I lose the $9.99/mo grandfathered price permanently if I switch to the $5.99 student plan?
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    Oh this is good!
    yup the old price will go and I’m assuming if you cancel then the new price will take over
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    You'll most certainly lose the grandfathered discount if you switch to the student plan and ever want to go back to the normal one.
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    As someone who works at a university, I miss the days when I could just enter my EDU email address and get whatever discount was available. It helped make up for the disparity in pay between higher education work and the private sector. Then the IT departments got the bright idea to let everyone keep their EDU addresses indefinitely and companies had to come up with a different solution for providing discounts. Oh well.
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    I would pay a reasonable monthly fee (<$5) for an ad-free YouTube with background audio that still supported the content creators I like. I wish they would offer it separate from the streaming music service. I’m happy with Apple Music right now and don’t wish to switch to or pay for another streaming service to get the YouTube app to function as it should.
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    DAMN YOU SHEERID!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Googles music services are still confusing to me. What is the difference between YouTube music and google play? And when will google create an Apple Watch app for google play?
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    Yup. That’s my fear too. I’m grandfathered in at the “Google Play Music All Accesss Beta” price of $6.99/month.

    I was really expecting the YouTube red switch to kill it, then the YouTube premium/music shake up, but so far I’m paying the same monthly as i was in 2013 when I went to Google I/O and watched them announce their first streaming service in person, which is cool I guess?
  14. Dj64Mk7 macrumors 65816

    Sep 15, 2013
    Oh goodness. Your pricing goes way back. I, too, remember when GPMAA was first announced. Good times.

    You went to Google I/O? As in attended in person?
  15. Ziich macrumors newbie

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    More information needed
    Please upload a copy of your student ID, transcript, or other school-issued document that shows your full legal name and proves you are currently enrolled in college.

    This is why we cannot have nice things. Dammit sheerid
  16. Raineer macrumors member

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    Here is the official link from Google:

    This is where you can signup

    On iPhone I had no success until I went to these URLs.

    To another poster, there are a couple prices in play here.
    Student discount on Youtube music - $4.99/mo
    Student discount on Youtube Premium (Music + Red) - $6.99/mo
    Student discount on Youtube Premium (Music + Red) [If you sign up by 1/31/19] - $5.99/mo

    I am willing to pay the $5.99 to get YT premium as a student (technically an old dude who's still attending classes - but that's a student!). The $15/mo pricing was just far too high for the benefit.
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    One Infinite Loop, Cupertino CA
    Yup! I attended I/O 2013!

    My first developer's conference actually, went on a student ticket after petitioning my high school to let me take almost a week off to go to a google event across the country. Was an extremely cool event which, looking back on, serves as a blueprint for an alternate future than the one we have now? Google was pledging more openness, more standardization, yet they abandoned almost every platform they introduced at that event just 5 years ago, from programming languages to music services.

    That event even convinced me to pledge for Google glass! Was an explorer for all of a month before they axed it - I was trying to develop a HUD for a bicyclist -- and graciously let me return it for a refund. Could have been the best $1500 I ever spent but... what was not to be, wasn't!
  18. Dj64Mk7 macrumors 65816

    Sep 15, 2013
    That's an incredible tale. You must be so grateful for having had that opportunity.

    I really like Google services, but the integration between Apple apps, services, and hardware is what's kept me put with the iPhone.

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