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Jan 13, 2016
i'm on iphone 6S, ios 10.0.2

While trying to diagnose the issue in this thread:

which involved Safari serving up youtube mobile vs desktop versions (so i was viewing both), within 3-4 minutes, my battery percentage dropped 5% (75% to 70%). i was literally watching it drop -- when it went from 75 to 74, i was whatever, but then almost right away it dropped to 73 and i'm, like, WTF? I clicked around youtube site some more while watching the percentage and steadily went down 72..71..70% in those 3-4 minutes (i kept note of the time after the first drop).

anyone else getting battery drain by youtube site on safari? (may just be the desktop version when after you do "request desktop site", but i was switching back and forth between both mobile and desktop). i actually didn't play any of the videos, just clicked from one page to the next.

since that time, i left the phone off for about 20 minutes and then tried again navigating around youtube site and it went from 70% to 67% in 1-2 minutes of clicking around.


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Jan 7, 2016
Why are you using YouTube on safari ? Didn't you know that have a YouTube app on the App Store??
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