Youtube playback stuttering.


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Jul 7, 2002
MacbookPro 2.66Ghz - 8gb ram - OS X 10.7.2

What could cause this?

In playback, the video playback stops ( freezes ) every 5 seconds ( approx ) for a fraction of a second ( about half a second ). The sound carries on as normal - and when the video restarts it has caught up with the sound ( in sync ).

Any idea and how to fix this?

PS - Just checked - and it seems to be in any movie clip on a webpage.




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Jun 11, 2011
Just a quick update, I had stutter/choppy playback issues, on the highest spec 13inch macbook air 2011... Turns out it was the HTML youtube trial that caused the play back issues, opted out, works as it should do now. Suppose the long life battery power in the air will come in handy with Flash!
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