Youtube via VLC = quiet fans

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by oYx, Feb 5, 2010.

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    I was looking for a way to have a Youtube video full-screen on a secondary display without it snapping back to a window when something needs to be done at the primary display. For example, searching for another video while one is playing.

    One way was to have Youtube videos play via a standalone app, I thought. So I went hunting.

    Disclaimer: I haven't actually tried it with a secondary display for now, as I don't have a secondary display at where I am. I am doing this for the next time I'd need it.

    First, I tried MacTubes, which is pretty good as it can search Youtube and all that. The full-screen switching was slightly finicky, if you want to get rid of the transport bar at the bottom, that is. What really dampened the deal for me, however, was that non-embeddable videos wouldn't play on MacTubes. Instead, a window pops up giving you the option to open the video in a browser. Nonetheless, MacTubes is something to keep a watch on.

    As a curiosity, I loaded a Youtube video link in VLC ("Open Network") and the video played well. Of course, I've used VLC to play full-screen on a secondary display and it works very well, so this is one way to get around the full-screen issue. This also means having to copy and paste the URL, and appending the "&fmt=" stuff to get higher quality playback.

    The big, big bonus is that playback is very CPU-friendly. I'm sure I'm not the first one to notice this.

    Wouldn't it be great if VLC is an embeddable player for Flash videos in browsers? I know that I first sought a solution for full-screen playback, but seeing a Flash video play so 'calmly' without noisy fans seem important enough to make a thread for, in case someone has a brilliant idea. Even better if QuickTime player can play FLVs through a plugin as an embedded player, so long as it performs as efficiently as VLC does.

    Or perhaps there could be a Firefox add-on that sends Flash videos to VLC, adding to its playlist, etc?

    I know this is not a very focused thread, as it deals with Flash videos staying full-screen on a secondary display, as well as the potential for VLC to take over playing back Flash videos.. but just thought to share these!

    Or I guess we can all just wait for HTML5 to take over the world. :D
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    The safari plugin ClickToFlash offers the option to use quicktime to play the video and not flash to play the higher quality version if its available (most are). Plus you can opt in on the YouTube HTML5 Video Player beta. This should cover most of the vids on youtube without racing your fans and cpu's.

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