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Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by jasbart, Dec 19, 2016.

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    A few days ago YouTube stopped playing on all my iOS devices: iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad 2. This happens exclusively on wifi...YouTube plays fine on cellular service. All were running iOS 10.1.1. I've since updated to 10.2 with no solution. I can start the YouTube app, see my favorites, suggestions, etc, but when I click on the Go button all I get is the circular arrow going around. After searching this question for a day or two the only thing I've learned is that this bug goes back to iOS 8 or so. Thanks, Jim
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    I have no idea about the bug, and it's unlikely to manifest itself at the same time on all your devices if it does exist, as most people (including myself) don't have that problem on iOS 10.1/2, could it possibly be something to do with your internet connection your using for wifi?

    Try an alternative YouTube app from the AppStore .. I like Tubex it's free and it doesnt get the ads interrupting you halfway through a long video like the official YouTube app does

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    It happens on occasion on my 7 Plus on that's on 10.2 and my iPad Air 2 when on wifi. I disable wifi for a few seconds then it seems fine after that.
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    Thanks to all for your replies. I fiddled around with my router (Airport Extreme) and Netgear network extender, thinking that might kickstart the network into behaving, but no luck.

    Do you think that, since YouTube is with Google, there might be a conflict at sign-on?


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