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May 21, 2011
Hey, everybody!
We just have published our weather app YoWindow 3 - to Mac App Store.

Two best facts about YoWindow:
1. The real weather and sunlight is reflected in the landscape. The sun goes down exactly at the time it sets at your place.
2. You can play with time - move it forward to see how the weather is changing during the day.

YoWindow is free today so enjoy the giveaway!

Feel free to ask me any questions about our weather project.


Pavel Repkin CEO
Nov 28, 2010
It is quite CPU intensive, when it is the active application:


As for the design, the location selection list does not really look like OS X, but then again, Apple seems to not mind.

And as for the location, Central Berlin is not looking like Oxford at all.

The big plus is, it sensed, I do not understand Fahrenheit and used that metric Celsius unit somehow.

PS: Rain is not as CPU intensive as clouds, and some other things.


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May 21, 2011
Thanks for the feedback :)

Yes, I have to admit when you open YoWindow it eats CPU a lot.
The application is made with Flash technology so all the graphics is processed on CPU level. Not on GPU as most modern games.

We are working on this problem porting YoWindow to GPU graphics.
YoWindow for iPhone/iPad is made this way.

Anyway, as soon as you close the window, the CPU is not eaten anymore.

Yes, the location selection UI is not native, but Flash based.
I have tried to integrate with Mac as close as I could having not much time at hand.

I've been both to Oxford and Berlin.
I know the difference :)

You can choose one of 4 animated landscapes.
Or you can create your own landscape for Berlin if you like.
Or you can download many YoWindow photo landscapes from our website -

Berlin landscapes

Thank you again for the feedback!
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