Zagg Invisible Shield HD orange peel effect, will it go away?


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Apr 27, 2011
So today I picked up a new iPad at Best Buy and got the Zagg Invisible Shield HD, that's what they recommended. They were going to charge $15 to install it which is ridiculous. When I got home I was not happy to find out you have to spray it with their magical solution when you apply it. I'm usually very good at installing static screen protectors but this one pissed me off because I just finished applying it after an hour or working the shield and I used 75% of that liquid it comes with. But now there's a slight orange peel effect on pretty much the whole thing. Not many bubbles though, but the screen looks like crap. It's sitting on my desk infront of my iMac and I can't even read the "MacRumors" text (In the upper left of the screen) in the reflection of my screen on my ipad. Will this effect go way after a day or two? I read that the HD version was supposed to get rid of the orange peel effect but this is REALLY pissing me off. Best Buy charged me $35 for this POS.:mad::mad:
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May 26, 2012
I have the same on my iPad 3 and only rarely notice the orange peel. The clarity of the screen doesn't seem to be affected, enjoy it!


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Jan 21, 2010
I have this product as well. I think zagg is a total liar about the "glass like feel" does not feel no where near the bare glass feeling IMO. However it isn't a horrible product. Call me crazy but I did pay them 15 to install it on my iPad because I am the worst at installing screen protectors.

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