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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by riveting, Aug 28, 2011.

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    I have Zagg invisible shield put on my first generation (Rev. A) macbook air. I am thinking of upgrading to the 2011 13 inch air. I am just wondering is that possible (a good idea?) to peel off the invisible shield from my old MBA and put back on the new 2011 13 MBA ? I know it won't add any value to my old air and it is very expensive to buy a new one (especially I have to pay tax and shipping to canada).

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    You might check their warranty replacement policy. It might cover your need for a replacement if removing and reinstalling doesn't work out so well.:cool:

    EDIT: I would probably just leave it on the old machine and get a new one. I agree that you probably won't get any extra sales value from it, but it make make the sale for you. Used computers seem to be hard to sell these days, and any little thing that makes yours a better value than the other ones for sale may result in the sale for you. So many Macbook Airs on eBay say they are in "great condition except for a few scratches or dents" that yours without damage will be more appealing before the sale, and the new owner will be glad to have the protection after the sale.

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    Bad idea and will not work. The invisible shield is stretched out when you take it off. Further, the form of the new Air is different enough that they would have punched a new shape. Thanks for the reminder to get one as my new Air arrives Tuesday. The Zagg will continue to protect the old one as it becomes a very functional hand me down to replace a white macbook.
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    No you can't, the invisibe shield is ruined when removed from the device. Its very easy to get a replacement from Zagg. All you have to tell them is you had to remove it to get your device fixed or something and mail the old one to them and they will send you a new one.

    Only problem is I don't think the shield for the first gen Macbook Air will fit perfectly on the 2011 model considering they have a slightly different shape. And from my experience with these invisible shields if there is any part of it not put down properly it will slowly start to peel off. My friend put a iPhone 4 screen protector on his 3GS and it slightly hung off and within a few weeks it looked like crap from all the dirt getting stuck under it.

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