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Oct 20, 2011
Anyone tried these new screen proctectors from Zagg yet? Looks promising! I might just have to stop by the mall later to check them out myself. Here's some info from Zagg:

Keep your gadgets looking like new with the patented, award-winning invisibleSHIELD® — the world's first protective solution of its kind. Exceptionally clear, unbelievably thin, and virtually indestructible, our HD line offers premium features like Advanced Clarity and a Glass-Like Surface to accentuate the sharp images and vibrant colors in the newest advanced gadget displays. The invisibleSHIELD HD is created from a film exclusive to ZAGG®, the invisibleSHIELD is the perfect choice for protecting any device.


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Aug 4, 2011
Considering it was just released for sale on the 12th, yesterday, probably not.

It sounds like it's probably very similar to a PS Crystal.

I'm curious, I went PS this time around due to personal preference in feel, but ZAGG customer service and quality has not let me down in the past for previous handsets so I might give it a shot next go round.


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Dec 28, 2009
ALL zagg shields turn yellow!! That's my only and biggest complaint with the zagg shields. When they make one that doesnt turn yellow, then I'm back with zagg!
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Nov 3, 2011
Marketing lingo crap. Way way overpriced. No shield is worth more than $3.


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Jun 10, 2011
I've tried the invisible shield three times, the quality just isn't there, it always peels and gets dirt under the edges. Screen quality was never the problem for me.


What's a good $3.00 shield?

Just saw this. I use these. They are more than $3, but work great.


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Oct 14, 2011
I got an e-mail about this too.

I currently have the maximum coverage for all sides and was wondering... if I were to warranty mine (back sheet could use replacing) would they send me out the HD version?

Or is the HD screen cover front only and you'd have to purchase that individually?


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Jul 31, 2010
I'm a powersupport fan...

Had one on my iphone 4 since I got it in August 2010, and you cant even tell it's there.

I had the zagg for literally 10 seconds before I realized I hated it. Orange peely feel and as mentioned - the edges would lift up. This HD version might fix the orange peel look/feel but I highly doubt the edges won't lift up.

Go power support. Buy 1 shield and never need another one.


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Dec 28, 2009
Posting in this thread jinxed I got a deep scratch on my SGP crystal display. I was paranoid so I went up the block from my house and bought a cheap 5 dollar crystal display screen ish as SGP!!! Never using SGP either!!!


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Sep 8, 2006
Saint Charles, MO
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Ordered it today with its gift card. Sucks that it's on hold right now.


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Oct 20, 2011
Yeah I have the PS Crystal Shield ones on right now and honestly they're the best! However I have a few scratches that are annoying the hell outta me right now lol... Soooo before I purchase a new PS Crystal Shield protector I think I'll give these new HD screen protectors a shot. Who knows, I may get a nice surprise and find out they're really good!

toasty hoodie

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Sep 16, 2011
I've really been considering this lately.

There are way more pros than cons.

1) It is case friendly, meaning I can wear my commuter during the week, and my bumper (which bubbles up my current protector) other times

2) I can get it installed at a Zagg location here as we have two close by

3) It really has no orange peel and feels really nice to swipe (I tried an iPhone the employee had finished and it was really nice

4) I am looking for back protection also, and the total install cost is going to be $41.

5) It isn't my PS Anti-Glare and the screen is more vivid with it on.

6) Lifetime warranty


1) Case friendly design. Although this is a Pro & a Con. It is smaller than the entire size of the front glass. This is to allow for many different cases, sliders, bumpers, etc. It will look strange if you go naked.

2) Price. At $41 for a full body install, it is quite expensive, but that also includes a lifetime warranty. I can't tell you how many hundreds of dollars I've wasted over the years on protectors. I'm done with that. I'm good at putting them on now, but I'm tired of constantly paying.

So, I really think it's a good choice for me.


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Feb 12, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
As I stated in a thread that kept on topic.... ;)

I ordered 3 of the case friendly HD screens for my iPhone 4 and just received and put them on our phones this week. Much, much better.

I gave up on putting a Zagg type skin over the screen a couple of years ago due to the thick, tacky, orange peel and cloudy issues. I have just been using traditional screen protectors that last about a month and replacing them.

But this is the new king. Much thinner with a smooth, slick feel and great clarity. it does leave a couple of millimeters of space between the edge of the skin and the side of the phone. But the gap is perfect if you use a case and no big deal if you don't.

It had a lot of clouds and bubbles at first but I was patient and squeegeed most of them out. The rest dried in a few hours and it looks great. Love love love it.
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