Zagg Leatherskins


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May 29, 2010
I really like this but it's about $20 overpriced in my opinion.

I'm mostly looking for scratch,scuff protection so this would likely work great for that.


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Apr 19, 2010
I have the sgp carbon fiber skin. I like how it exposes the apple logo too.
It's $20 which some think is too much, but the Zagg skins at $50 - $80 is ridiculous. the sgp probably even costs more to make due to the apple cutout and the clear apple decal that protects the exposed apple.


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Dec 3, 2009
The product you linked to in your first post is outrageously overpriced. Truthfully, the accessories for the iPad are grossly overpriced overall. Many people have spent upward of $200 between cases, stands, docks, and screen protectors.

The SGP seems to be a better value.


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Aug 3, 2009
I own the SGP Deep Black Skin for my iPad and love it so much that I bought the same for my iPhone 4.

Initially, I did not use the iPad "naked" because the aluminum back slipped out of my hands. I was also concerned with scratching the back.

The SGP skin solved both of those problems. It feels and looks great. Sometimes I put my ipad in a case (I use the Leather Vintage Case) when I am on a plane or carrying into a dealer's location (I am a sales rep) and the skin does not impede one from putting the iPad in most cases.

I also travel with the Incase Travel Kit Plus and the skinned iPad fits in like a glove. I use the Kickstand that fits perfectly inside the Incase bag.

From my expereince, the SGP Skin can't be beat!


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Jul 10, 2008
While I probably never would have tried on of these for $50(I work for a Zagg reseller), I really like it. I haven't had it on long, so I can't say how it will hold up, but it feels great, looks great, and I love the scratch protection.

I hope they make an iPhone version.

Mr. Biggles

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Mar 12, 2009
Western New York
The Zagg feels like your are holding a leather case, I'm impressed with it. Anyone actually see or try both to compare?
The Zagg is real leather and the SGP is vinyl that looks likes leather. No comparison. I do agree the Zagg is over priced but I would buy it if in the market for that look.

I had the SGP carbon fiber look alike vinyl was OK but no one would mistake it for the real thing. Same for the fake leather look they sell.