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May 18, 2008
I use the Zagg glass on my 10.5. While it is a LITTLE more slippery while using the pencil, it isn't bad at all.


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Mar 3, 2011
The great state of Texas
I took the time to install my zags on my 10.5. perfect alinement great job...BUT I found one tiny speck in the upper right corner. I couldn't stand it. So I took the glass off and rinsed it in water. applied wet and worked out the water/bubbles with a credit card. Now it perfect again can't even tell its there. I've had zags on everything for the past 10 years.

That being said according to amazon reviews (which are faked often) there are Many cheaper options. But for me I still with a brand that sticks with me. I've had 5 glass replacements due to scrapes and breaks..(Wife IPAD). with never a lick of trouble on my main screen. Zagg is good about replacements so for any problem they'll send you a new one.

So not to be too long winded and wishy washy I vote for Zagg

Another thought; why would someone put a cheap $12 screen protector on a thousand dollar device?
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