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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by boiee, May 23, 2013.

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    I have the regular iPad version of this. The difference is that the attachment instead of being what reviewers called a "trough", has a hinge attachment. Photos appear to show a greater distance between the screen and keys which is an advantage.

    I have been patiently waiting for Belkin's FastFit, but given my impression of Zagg's build quality, I think I will opt for this one.

    I have a Brydge type knockoff made by MiniSuit (which I am typing on right now), but the hinge only allows for an almost upright position of the screen. I actually use it detached from my mini, necessitating carrying 2 separate accessories, the keyboard and a Dodo case it is kept in.

    When I was using my regular iPad 2 on a regular basis, I supported 2 Kickstarter projects, the Brydge and the Crux keyboards. I received the Brydge well after I purchased the Zagg ProPlus (backlit) and gifted the Brydge to a friend who purchased a cheapie keyboard for her iPad 2. Am still waiting for the Crux, though I am told it is on it's way to the States and it too will be gifted to another friend who has an iPad 2. He has been using a stylus as his arthritis gets in the way of using the touch screen effectively.

    Am hoping to not try too many keyboards for the mini! Yes they are small, but they do vary in quality of typing experience.
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    This looks very very good... Not even on Zaggs own website yet though. Think I'm going to try it out, but would like to be able to keep my Coverbuddy back protection on - should be possible. It has cut outs for the Smart Cover

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