ZBrush 4.0 Unleashed!!!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Lone Deranger, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Lone Deranger

    Apr 23, 2006
    Tokyo, Japan
    And a pretty solid update too! Pixologic servers are getting hammered at the moment, but I managed to get the download and activation in before the slowdown. Shame I have to be at work now and can't play with it just yet. :eek:


    New Feature list and improvements:

    * Save all loaded tools, document size, light, material, timeline and render settings in one click.
    * ZBrush 4 even includes sample projects to help you discover new features.

    Best Preview Render
    * Renders Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Fibers, SSS and Transparency with advanced anti-aliasing.
    * Multi-pass rendering with Shadow, Color, Ambient Occlusion, Mask and Depth as separate maps.
    * Render for still images or animations.

    Project presentation
    * Timeline for more than just simple turntables and animations.
    * Keyframe management: copy, move, etc.
    * Audio support with color beats for manual animation synchronization.
    * Fade in/out and cut keyframes for nice transitions.
    * Ease in/out keyframes.
    * MDD animation file format support for exporting and importing animation.
    * Animation-capable layers, Tools, ZSpheres, background and more.

    Concept creation
    * Shadow Box for free-form creation.
    * Move Elastic Brush to create stretch-free extrusions.
    * Reproject improved for more finely tuned control of the results.
    * Mannequin for quick scene setup.
    * TransPose units to help you in proportions and sizes.

    Hard Sculpting
    * Clip brushes for slicing your models.
    * By Radius and By Polygroups modes for the Clip brushes.
    * Shadow Box to create original sculpting bases, combined with radial symmetry.
    * New Strokes: Circle, Square, Curves.

    Major brushes:
    * MatchMaker, the perfect brush to deform your mesh to conform to other 3D models.
    * Deco brushes, turn, spin - perfect for creative patterns!
    * Clay Buildup will be your new Clay brush for the rough sculpting.
    * Move Elastic, Move Topo, Move Parts: Stretch and deform with no constraints.

    * Roll mode improved with the Roll distance.
    * New lasso/marquee selection mode, circle by center, perfect circle, curve for masking and hiding.
    * Marquee, Lasso and Circle strokes working with symmetry for hiding, masking and slicing.

    Pipeline and Productivity
    * GoZ with Autodesk Maya (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), Autodesk 3DSMax (2009, 2010, 2011), Luxology modo 401 (Sp2 to sp5), Cinema 4D R11 and R11.5
    * GoZ SDK for integrating GoZ in additional software packages.
    * Xpose to explode all SubTools, making it easy to work on a hidden one or create stunning animated effects.
    * SubTool Duplicate and Insert, List All + ABC, Merge All for more flexibility when working on complex models.
    * Solo mode to quickly isolate the current SubTool.

    3D Painting and Materials
    * PolyPaint Layers for more freedom in 3D painting.
    * SpotLight to edit textures on the fly and then use them to paint by projection.
    * Gradient transparency for anti-aliased transparency in PolyPainting.
    * New shaders: Fast Overlay and Fresnel Overlay for more effects in your materials.
    * New Fresnel and SSS settings for more realistic materials!
    * New Blinn Specular added to the default shader for a better skin specular effect.
    * Large number of blending modes between materials: Add, Subtract, difference, darken, etc.

    * Topology auto masking to protect closed areas which are not directly connected.
    * Elasticity settings to stretch your model without stretching the topology.
    * Orientation settings: rotate your alphas while sculpting.
    * Tile alphas for more creativity with brushes.
    * Non-Square alphas are supported, avoiding distortions.
    * Contact support for SubTools: deform multiple SubTools while maintaining your defined contact points between them!
    * Relax Deformation: relax your topology without altering the shape.
    * Inflate Balloon Deformation for a variation of the relax deformation.
    * Deformations are now in real-time when moving the sliders, giving you live feedback.
    * New File menu to manage all content.

    * Decimation Master is now 64bits.
    * Original size is kept when exporting with 3D Print Exporter.
    * Unwrap all SubTools at once with UVMaster.
    * New Multi-map exporter for fast and easy creation of many maps at once including: normal, displacement, ambient occlusion, etc.
    * Various additions in SubTool Master and TransPose Master.
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    Oct 12, 2008
    Sydney, Australia
    that program looks great, how do they sculpt and create those pictures of people and make them look so real and close to the real actor or character?
  3. Lone Deranger thread starter macrumors 68000

    Lone Deranger

    Apr 23, 2006
    Tokyo, Japan
    JoshBoy, it takes a lot of talent, skill and patience. Many of the people over on ZBrushCentral (the forums) have many years of experience in both digital and real life sculpting.
    Zbrush is a tool made by artists, for artists. That is part of the reason why it's the odd one out amongst all other DCC applications.


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