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Discussion in 'iPad' started by samcraig, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Interested read whatever your stand on the iPad is.


    Much more via link.. but of interest

    Most observers are comparing the iPad to the iPhone — and that is the wrong. The iPhone moved into a well-defined niche — the smart phone market — with easily identified advantages: a big bright screen; the touch interface: the app store; and iTunes integration.

    The iPad is more similar to the iPod when it was first introduced: consumer uncertainty about its use; limited functionality; price compared to other players; and, most importantly, skepticism that people really want what the product offers. Despite an innovative ad campaign it took two years for iPod sales to really take off.

    People will need to discover for themselves if the iPad really provides a worthwhile service. And Apple will find out what people really want in such a device. That will take time and a lot of revamped applications - if it ever happens.

    The iPad will not be an overnight success the way the iPhone was. But it does open up a new kind of computing: casual, mobile and always on. The kind that tablet computers were supposed to provide - but never did.

    And we can be sure it will be very profitable for Apple.
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    I've seen clearer more reasoned horoscopes. The tech news industry is having a turmoil for what the iPad means to them.
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    What a load of rubbish.

    Ok so people wasn't sure about the iPod and at introduction people wasn't overwhelmed with the iPad but they are nothing alike.

    The iPod helped kick start Apples popularity with general consumers and really helped them expand and become a recognized, well know, trusted company. One of the reasons the iPod started slow was its Mac only support.

    The iPad is released in a time where Apple are the most well known tech company in the world and are working off success and have a very very loyal following, people will still queue to buy this device, mark my words.

    Some may disagree with me but I get fed up of these tech websites creating a load of rubbish just to have a 'story'.

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