Zebra LP 2844 Label Printer on a Mac

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by harryhood, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Thermal 2844

    I have it working

    I installed the UPS Thermal 2844 driver v1.4 via USB.

    The driver is listed as: "Zebra EPL2 Label Printer"

    I have it connected to the MAC and I am able to print to it from the MAC and the virtual machine with Parallels and XP. It does drop from the system from time to time but I feel that it is an issue with Parallels and not the MAC os.

    I do not remember where I downloaded it, sorry.

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    So the only way you got it to work was through Parallels? You can't just simply get it to work on Mac OSX?
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    Mar 15, 2006
    I cannot for the life of me get this thing to work on my Mac. I am willing to install Parallels - or even dual boot (which ever is better) to get this to work perfectly. I don't want it to work shoddily. I have heard that doing it through Parallels is finicky and is not 100% stable.

    Is installing Windows via dual boot the best option? Keeping in mind printing labels with this printer through a web browser (paypal shipping, their Java applet) is the only thing I'll be using Windows for, period - what is the best one to download?

    Or better yet - does anyone know a reliable shipment label printer that works with a Mac (paypal shipping too)?

    Thanks in advance, help is appreciated.
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    Aug 7, 2010
    MAC-friendly Labelwriter

    I've used the DYMO 4XL with my Mac. It was really easy, too! After installing the software that it came with, I was ready to print. No questions. No mysterious drivers to hunt down or weird configurations. I'm kicking myself now for getting a Zebra in an effort to save a few bucks.. I think I'm just going to return it and go back to DYMO.
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    May 4, 2008

    Has anyone used either the Zebra LP-2844 or TLP-2844 Thermal Label Printers to Print Shipping Labels via eBay and/or PayPal??? (not just for any label, but eBay and/or PayPal ones)

    If so, which driver have you used???

    I've found this info so far:
    CUPS Driver:

    Peninsula Driver:


  7. cocacolakid, Sep 3, 2012
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    Dec 18, 2010
    I had the same questions and problem but finally found a solution.

    I've used a Brother laser printer for years on eBay without problems, but I recently bought a Zebra LP 2844. But while I could set it up and print test pages, actual eBay shipping labels were not printing correctly. They would print on two pages, only half or less of the label per page. It was like it was really centered on 4 pages but I was only seeing the left two pages.

    Here is the fix. Go here and follow what the last poster said:


    First, make sure it is installed on the Mac, then install it in Parallels following exactly what this person said. I did it and it works fine now.

    I installed the ZebraDesigner Driver on Windows (download from the Zebra website). Install the printer, set it as your default Windows printer. Then install Bonjour as the thread says, and run Bonjour to set up the Zebra printer to work with both the Mac and Windows. If it doesn't show the Zebra in Bonjour, go into your Mac System Preferences and set the Zebra to Share Printer. Now run Bonjour. The printer will show up, follow the Bonjour instructions to set it up. I just selected the Zebra driver listed in Bonjour, didn't do what the thread says for finding another downloaded driver, and it works fine.

    My eBay sample label still prints incorrectly, but the actual shipping label prints perfectly.

    I did go into the printer preferences, set the Zebra as the default printer on Windows, and created a new Stock to use as the default size label - 4x6, and set the unprintable area to all 0.00, just name that stock 4x6 (or whatever size label you are using) and choose that when you print.

    You'll also need to download and install Java Runtime Environment, which the eBay printing page for each label has the link.

    Java has 4 pop up windows asking if it's OK to print the label and use the selected printer. That happens every time I print a label. Very annoying. But at least it works.

    It still prints wrong on the Mac, but in Windows 7 on Parallels it prints correctly.
  8. DriverWizard, Oct 10, 2014
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    Problem Solved For Zebra Ebay PayPal Shipping On Mac

    There is a commercial driver for Zebra printers on Mac OSX, works perfectly with the LP2844 and GK420d printer even from courier Websites and Ebay (PayPal) shipping with no fuzziness (pixelation).

    This driver prints directly from Web Browsers on OSX, straight to the printer, no other software required and no fuzzy labels.

    You do have to pay for it but it works every time. You do not need Windows or Parallels to print from OSX.

    Details are here:
    Mac Thermal Driver For OSX Print Directly To Label Printers On OSX

    Hope this helps people find what they need.
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    Jan 7, 2014
    To my knowledge, the only software that properly prints to Zebra thermal printers is Endicia for Mac. I'm guessing it uses a custom driver?

    ALL other options will output a fuzzy label. The barcodes may be scannable for USPS and UPS, but for FedEx postage the output is too fuzzy and makes the barcode unscannable.

    Online selling is my full-time business and the workaround is to run Windows using Parallels. There are many other shortcomings when trying to use a Zebra printer on a Mac, such as the inability to print directly from a web browser using Java.

    Save yourself the headache and plan on buying Windows + Parallels. Otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy...

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