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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by aram, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Zentap 3.0 is ready for download in AppStore with huge improvements and a lot of new features.
    ZenTap is an advanced text editor and writing assistant for the iPhone.
    I'm going to risk and say that the Zentap 3.0 now is the best text editor in AppStore.
    If you are write a lot (emails, sms, blog entries, tweets, etc:) on your iphone and you don't feel comfortable with iphone's keyboard it's possible that you like Zentap.
    Typing only the first letters of the word Zentap can predict with high accuracy the desired word and you can autocomplete it without having to type the rest of the word.
    Zentap also includes 4 customizable keyboard buttons. You can define special characters for these buttons which are harder to access using the standard keyboard. These buttons are ideal for defining some smiles, special characters or short words.
    Another great time saving functionality consists in the template system with shortcuts (please watch the video to understand how it works).
    When you finished your text you can use the Zentap's spell checker to review your text.
    You even can translate your text using the integrated translator (more than 30 language combinations).
    Zentap also includes little details which can help you in edition and review process. You can change the font size, you cane hide the keyboard and review your text on full screen, etc.
    And now, with version 3.0 Zentap spell checker and prediction system supports English, Spansih, French and German languages.
    Don't worry if prediction system doensn't include some word the system automatically will learn it from your text.
    If you ever need to recover some text used few days ago, no problem, Zentap always saves your 100 last texts.


    - Auto-completion
    - Zentap is able to learn automatically new words
    - Spell-checking
    - 4 customizable key buttons
    - A template system with shortcuts
    - Translator
    - Wide text area (with full screen text view).
    - Direct export of text to mail, sms and safari, twitter
    - Possibility to change font size
    - Archive with your last texts

    When Zentap is usefull?

    When you go write long texts. If you are bad typing on virtual keyboard. If you need spell check your texts, etc.

    When Zentap is worthless?

    There are no sense to use Zentap for short sms or email replies (open sms, read it, open zentap, write your text, paste the text in sms to reply). If you are very good with virtual keyboard you will waste more time using the suggestions than typing (but there more things in Zentap, not only the prediction system).

    Why Zentap doesn't substitute the standard keyboard?
    Because it's impossible using the oficial SDK.

    Please, watch the video demo to undestand how Zentap works.

    I go tu suscribe to this thread and I will try to answer all your questions / suggestions / criticisms.

    Oficial website (& screenshots): ZenTap - The fastest way to write on the iPhone
    Link to pro version: iTunes Store

    Video: YouTube - ZenTap




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    Jul 6, 2009
  3. Katilea macrumors member

    Jul 8, 2008
    once you have installed zentap will the word prediction work from any app where you need to type something?

    if you wanted to reply to a SMS or email or input a sentence into a text-to-speech app... can you set the zentap keyboard as your default to use in all apps?

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    Jun 1, 2009

    Sadly it is "impossible" odicially integrate Zentap's functionality on all system.
    And you can't set Zentap's keyboard as default in other apps.
    Zentap is standalone text editor.
    Saying this, you can see that there are no sense to use Zentap for short replies.
    Zentap is very good for large texts.

    One way to reply to the emails, is open the email which we want to reply to, than we can go to zentap, edit our text and tap on export to Mail button. This will paste our text in reply mail (opened before).
    Thanks for the question ;)

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