Zero Out Data killed 1TB Time Capsule...

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Macshroomer, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Gen 3 Time Capsule loveliness…

    So I upgraded to the most recent Time Capsule to get a larger drive and faster wifi, so far so good.

    I was going to sell my 1TB Gen-3 A1355 unit so I started to get it ready by doing logical things like getting rid of the data on the drive. I used Airport Utility and chose Zero Out Data. I did it once and it seemed to work fine. Then I went for one more pass and woke up this morning to find I had a drive error. So I powered down and let it cool for a few minutes, powered back up and get the same drive error warning in the notification pane. The drive sound bad too, mechanically unfit for duty with clicking and whirring in repeated fashion...

    From what I can gather, Apple used a mixture of drives in this particular generation and some were prone to going belly up. I am just not sure it is even worth it to go through the hassle of putting in a new drive given the price these fetch on ebay even in working condition, people destroy the rubber base in taking it apart on a regular basis. So in my shoes, given that the drive is probably hosed, sell it for parts and be done with it or use one of my spare 2TB drives laying around and use it as a backup?
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    I suspect that the drive was nearly failed or failing. The extra load of zeroing out the drive [and as you noted the heat] could have put the nail in the coffin. I have two drives in a RAID1 array and at least one has well over 500 bad sectors. Were it not for a tool that let me diag the drive, I would have had no way of knowing it was bad.
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    I successfully upgraded the HDD in my 1st-gen Time Capsule, and didn't have much trouble with the rubber pad. (I used a hair dryer to heat and soften the glue while I carefully pulled the pad off.) I wouldn't call it difficult to replace the drive, and may do it again soon.

    However, if I were you I'd just try to sell it as is. I doubt you'd get enough extra to cover the HDD cost if you did replace it. But, what do I know? I haven't checked eBay prices.

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