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    OK, so I just read up on ZFS, and shortly after the point of boiling the oceans, I suddenly felt like Marilyn vos Savant in a Dilbert cartoon: my brain tried to escape.

    It makes Spotlight look really, REALLY insufficient to handle the task, and makes both file management and RAID solutions look either tremendously, unbelievably improved, or impossibly difficult.

    Oops, excuse me. I have to go catch my brain.
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    The "take home" points are

    1. 128-bit capability. You'll never exceed the limits of this fs.
    2. 256-bit checksum ends "silent corruption"
    3. Easy. Pooled storage and Z-RAID is setup very easily
    4. Cheap- no need for dedicated controllers or NVRAM

    I'm excited about ZFS and I think that future versions of Time Machine will be based upon it and its snapshot feature. Now we just wait to see how long it takes to boot from it.

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