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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by ravenloft81, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Jan 10, 2011
    Ok, so I've been scouring google to no avail. I have finally downloaded an issue from Zinio that requires version 4 of their reader. I'd tried the AIR based monstrosity before and decided not to use it since it offered nothing I couldn't do with v3.

    That was on a G4 1.5ghz, but back when v4 first came along and AIR hadn't hit 2.x and went Intel only. This means, some version(s) of Zinio 4 existed that supported ppc, unfortunately ZiNio seems disinclined to have them available from their site, and all I can find otherwise are an hundred places to download 3.x.

    Does anyone still have a copy of the pre-AIR 2.x version of Zinio Reader 4 BETA, or better a link to where it might still be found?

    For those still trying to make sense of it based on info from Zinio: they haven't updated all the FAQs so some things just say a Mac running AIR 1.5.3. But if you try to install it AIR informs you that it requires a newer version of the platform and that said version isn't made for the hardware you're using.

    And, no, I can't just buy a new Mac. if that were an option I wouldn't be asking this (sorry, but I've seen such "helpful" replies to similar kinds of posts too often).
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    Darn, didn't know it was still around. Give up on it around 2004. Will have to look into what it still offers that isn't PDF, Kindle, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc., formats.
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    Sep 28, 2010
    Zinio 4 - Its easier to pick up a magazine from the newsagent.

    While talking about reader 4 and the challenges presented by Zinio reader updates

    I was using zino 4 BETA but my magazines dont end up stored in the right month but rather in other months (seemly random). I was advised by zinio that this is a bug in Zinio 4

    I went back to using reader 3 - I had to download all my magazines again but I put up with that and all was well.

    Now i find that I cannot get magazines (for which I have paid subscription) as they wont work with version 3 - I MUST install reader 4

    Version 4 is BETA and still with bugs - so I uninstall V3 and install v4 and AGAIN I need to download all my magazines if I want the copies.

    This is hopeless customer service i think.

    Pretty disappointed but I guess I should not be surprised.... generally I do not think that getting paying customers to put up with unfinished BETA code in order to get any service is a great idea..... obviously Zinio thinks otherwise.

    Its easier to pick up a magazine from the newsagent. What do you think? :)

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