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Original poster
Mar 21, 2011
Is there a way to prevent the zoom method on TV shows (both home sharing or iTunes TV shows) (4:3), i keep accidentally doing this from Siri remote, and have no idea how i accomplish this..

When playing 4:3 TV show on 16:9 TV the "zoom" method just crops the black bars either side. there is no adjustment to preserve aspect ratio, Its IS actually zoomed in to fill entire display because you see parts of heads chopped off, or titles would be over scanned off the bottom of the display in part.

In setting on AppleTV 4, i have 16:9 as 16:9 and 4:3 as 4:3 SD.

Is there a way of disabling this?


macrumors 601
Jan 13, 2011
You also shall check the screen setting on your TV. Most widescreen tv-s have a setting that has the same zooming effect.
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