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    A while back I was sent the original Ztylus to review. My only real complaint was that it was too thick.

    Fast forward to today, when I received the new Slim model. They have done so much more than just put it on a diet! Check out the video for starters:

    IMG_0205.JPG IMG_0204.JPG IMG_0203.JPG IMG_0202.JPG
    It now comes in two color choices: black and silver. I got silver. It looks and feels very similar to the aluminum of my MBA. The thickness is now perfect. It's barely larger than the Pencil itself. Oh! And they added a regular pen clip! So now you can clip it to your case, your pocket, or the pencil pocket of your purse.

    Oh! And the added a little gadget that keeps your Pencil cap from getting lost when your charging.

    This is now a must-have accessory.
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    I have both the standard Ztylus, and as of yesterday, the Ztylus Slim (went with black). The Slim is almost perfect, but there's a major flaw: it takes practically a dozen twists to get the Pencil tip exposed or unexposed. By comparison, the original Ztylus basically took a half-twist to expose the tip completely. It was easy enough that I could almost do it with one hand.

    So I'm torn, both with which to use and which to recommend. The Slim's aluminum casing feels solid and is delightful to hold; the plastic of the original Ztylus was thick and sturdy, but metal feels better in the hand. The width of the original wasn't uncomfortable, but didn't feel particularly graceful; the Slim feels a lot more refined. For a mobile professional who will be sheathing and unsheathing their Pencil multiple times per day, though, the Slim's number of turns required to get that tip fully exposed or concealed is a major downer. It takes both hands and a few seconds, whereas the original could be done one-handed if you were dedicated enough and ate just about one second if you used both hands. I'll try taking it for some real-world use and I hope it won't be as bad as it seems, but otherwise I might be forced to go back to the original plastic Ztylus.

    One other note, to anyone who might be wondering: with the original Ztylus, the Apple Pencil shifted within the barrel of the Ztylus casing. For this reason, the tip OR the rear end would be exposed, but never both at the same time. With the Slim, the posterior is always exposed because it seems that the aluminum casing is what slides down or up to hide or reveal the tip. I mention this because I have a case on my iPad that made it impossible to connect the Pencil to the iPad without removing the upper part of the Ztylus. The Slim is thinner at the top, which might make it possible to connect with some cases, but be aware that the mechanism of the casing is different and thus the exposed part of the Pencil does not extend any more than that. (This is a good and bad thing - good in that the body of the Pencil is never exposed, but bad if you had a case that makes plugging it in difficult and were hoping that maybe you'd have that part of the Pencil cleared for docking it).

    Edit: It seems that the number of turns required issue is an issue faced by many. I contacted the company and was simply told that they'd pass it on as feedback; there was no suggested fix. I've looked at a few other reviews and see that it's a common complaint. It's a shame, because the craftsmanship is pretty good otherwise (aside from the pocket clip, which shifts around even when everything is tightened). If they release a version 2 I'd probably go for it... but not before reading the reviews to see if the number of turns required is fixed.

    As it stands, I can recommend this for people who use the Pencil for extended periods at a time, or who don't need to sheath and unsheath quickly.

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