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13 inch macbook pro

  1. P

    USBC Docking Station for 4k screen compatible with M1 processor

    Hi all, Newbie question, Looking to find a USBC Docking Station to a 4k screen compatible with M1 processor on my MBP. Looking fr as many ports as I can get but need that screen resolution to be as good as possible. Any recommendations would be really useful thank you. Tracy
  2. fwuz

    Coming from a mid-2010 MacBook Pro, is the July 2019 refresh 13" MBPro a worthy upgrade?

    So as the title says, i have had my mid-2010 mbpro for nearly 9 years. and after a few personal modifications (8 GB RAM, 250GB SSD) which did give it new life, it's equipped with a 9 year old graphics card that makes photo editing near impossible. I use my laptop mainly for web browsing...
  3. minorus93

    2019 13" I7 1.7ghz vs 2019 13" I5 2.4ghz

    Hello Guys! i'm in the middle of confusion choosing which one is better for long term usage. 2019 13" I7 1.7ghz with 16g Ram and 512SSD Storage, Intel iris 645, 2 thunderbolt ports Vs 2019 13" I5 2.4ghz with 16gb Ram and 512SSD Storage, Intel Iris 655, 4 thunderbolt ports Both are in the same...
  4. Sunshower

    Who do you think the 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro is for?

    Curious to know who the community thinks the 13 inch MacBook Pro is aimed at? Apple themselves seem to struggle with outlining who its targeted at, with most ads being about the 15-inch and graphics/i9 power. In my eyes it's very much a prosumer machine for travelling creatives, or a decent...
  5. Lukasrico

    Are more cores better for producing music?

    Im debating on whether to get the new 15 inch MacPro or the 13 inch. Im looking for the best processor, for when I'm producing music, but im not sure whether quad core or 6 core is better for producing on Logic Pro. Any ideas? Thanks :)
  6. hazhayder

    Please have a look at my macbook temprature & rpm

    Hello, i recently bought a macbook pro 13 inch 2011 late. I bought it for development purpose and i am worried about its temprature. Please have a look at the temperature of my macbook and suggest me is it ok ? or should i do something in order to prevent ruining my machine. As you can see the...
  7. Jcswim

    MacBook Pro 13in, mid-2010 unsolvable

    All, My hard drive failed so I replaced it with a crucial mx300 525gb. Now, whether my new or old hard drive is in, I cannot connect to web pages as it says the site is insecure/certificate cannot be trusted. I can't connect to iCloud because it says it can't establish a connection with the...
  8. J

    Perfect fit sleeve for 2016 MBP?

    I've been diving into amazon once a month at least, to search for a sleeve case for my 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. It seems every time I go to the 1, 2, or 3 star reviews, people always complain that the sleeves are not perfectly suitable for the model required (usually because they are...
  9. C

    13" MBP mid-2010 - 4K Monitor Recommendation

    I have 13" Macbook Pro mid-2010 with 8 GB Ram and 1 TB SSD - Kind of exhausted all upgrades possible. I currently have Viewsonic 21" monitor which needs an upgrade. I would like to have 32" monitor, possibly 4K to future-proof. I can then use 21" in vertical mode with 32" 4K monitor - dual...
  10. J

    Wait for WWDC or Not?

    So I got a 13inch MBP with touch bar with upgraded ram to 16 gb from the apple refurb store for $1699. And literally the day I got it, I read online (ironically on the new machine) that Apple might be updating its MBP line with Kabylake processors. Assuming they keep the prices of the new MBPs...