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  1. ZircoBen

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11" (2018) Bright Spot on Display? Will it get worse?

    I bought an iPad Pro 11" on the cheap on eBay, and it came with a big dent on the back and a bright spot on the display. I got it for such a good price ($250) that I'm willing to accept these tradeoffs. Attached are photos of these two defects. However, I'm curious if anyone has seen these...
  2. D

    Can't get bluetooth dongle to 'stick' in Big Sur

    Hi there, I have a 2018 Mac Mini (i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD). The internal bluetooth is unusable to connect to my Apple trackpad (interference probably made worse by the large number of devices plugged in to all available ports). I've been happily using a BT dongle in one of the USB ports on my...
  3. L

    How much is a 2018 MacBook air worth with a broken retina screen?

    Hey all! Long story short, I’ve got a great condition MacBook Air 2018 which regrettably the retina screen is completely screwed ? No idea how it happened, looks as if there’s a small chip in it. I’ve been quoted around £350 to repair, in which it’s not worth it as I can purchase a full...
  4. J

    macbook pro 15 2018 - black screen

    Hello to everyone ... i have a macbook pro 2018 15`. I have the last months the following issue. When the macbook is closed i cant open it ... the machine seems to get started , but the monitor is totally black. I can work with only sleep mode. After some updates installation i have the same...
  5. I

    MacBook Pro 15" (2018) on 185 charge cycles already down to 73% battery capacity and "Service recommended"

    Some background: this was a launch-day machine that I ordered right after the press release back in 2018, see screenshot for config details. My usage pattern is that this machine is plugged in 98% of the time, and then it is mostly plugged into an external display in clamshell mode. I run some...
  6. mattdo93

    iPad Pro Get the 11" iPad Pro (2020) now? Or wait until mini-LED?

    Hey all, I've been doing a ton of research on iPad Pro recently and decided to finally invest in one. I'm just facing a personal dilemma and would love to hear the Macrumors forum input. A little about me and what I would use the iPad Pro for: I'm very big on productivity, reading, and content...
  7. MacMiniUpgrader

    are you satisfied with your MM2018/2020 ? drop configs and lets talk !

    i love my mini, i started with 8gn ram and an rx 580 and its made my work flow easy, finally got around to upgrading and maxing the system specs out
  8. I

    2nd 2018 Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement

    Thanks for taking the time to read this -- I'll make it quick. Purchased new 2018 13" Macbook Air 8gb 128gb from Apple Store in November, 2018 Keyboard failed (multiple keys appearing on single keypress, wrong letters being inserted when pressing adjacent keys, etc.) by February, 2019 Brought...
  9. Inacio Victor

    Macbook Pro 15 2018 Touchbar não inicializa - does not boot the system

    Macbook Pro 15 2018 Touchbar não inicializa - does not boot the system Macbook Pro 15 2018 com touch bar. Peço desculpas pelos erros de Ingles, nao escrevo fluentemente. Ao apertar o botao de ligar o computador liga mas nao apresenta nada na tela nem luzes no teclado. (Sei que ele...
  10. 1

    iPad Silly Question, about External Monitor with I Pad Pro 11 2018

    I was wondering, Can you use a external monitor that has its own touchscreen integrated in it. Its like one of those giant touchscreen drawing monitors. Do you think It might work the touchscreen for the Ipad when used as an external monitor. I was wondering because It would really make drawing...
  11. D

    Mac Mini 2018 external monitor lag through HDMI

    About a week ago, I purchased the Mac Mini (i5, 8 GB RAM) and connected it to my external 4K monitor with an HDMI to HDMI cable. The input was very laggy. Then I tried connecting it to another monitor (a 2K monitor) with the same cable and it worked well. Do you know where the problem could be...
  12. N

    (2019 Keyboard) Macbook Pro Keyboard Backlight Uneven on Commonly Used Keys

    I noticed that the keyboard backlight illumination on commonly used keys (e,i,o,m,t,etc) of my 2018 Macbook Pro keyboard (replaced with a 2019 keyboard) is significantly brighter than the other keys on the keyboard. It is very obvious that certain keys are lit up more than other keys. After...
  13. E

    CarPlay 2018 Nissan Leaf apple carplay is SLOW after ios 13 update

    Hello, New to this forum here and would appreciate anyone's input. My Leaf's carplay was working perfect before the new IOS update but since updating to ios 13.1, when I plug in my phone, carplay is absolutely slow and freezing. Can't even load maps or make a call or play music. I tried...
  14. S

    eGPU for Final Cut on 2018 MBP

    I have a 13" 2018 MacBook Pro. I use Final Cut Pro X a LOT. I'm looking into an eGPU but am reading a lot of things about FCPX not working with eGPU that much or that the Apple eGPU (Black Magic I think) is pretty bad. I'm really new at this and don't seem to understand what would work and...
  15. J

    '18 or '19 MBP: clamshell mode?

    I currently have a 2015 MBP, I use it mainly at home in clamshell mode (closed, vertical in a stand), with external display. I'll likely be buying a 2018 or 2019 MBP soon, and wondering if anyone has experience with either of these in clamshell mode; want to be sure there's no issues with that.
  16. emraha06

    2017-2019 models screen flickering - macbook pro

    My question is for macbook pro 2017-2019 users: has anyone noticed little short time flickering periods on somewhere of screen? I mean when you are especially on white screen like browsers web pages or blank word document, pixels on somewhere of the screen vibrates like low refresh rate (hz) and...
  17. S

    Mac Mini 2018; 50Hz-144Hz Supported via HDMI @ 1920x1080p

    So I purchased the Mac Mini i3 (2018) variant. I have an AOC AGON AG251FZ and these refresh rates are supported in 1080p; It feels very nice and fluid in 144Hz. Mind you my monitor supports 240Hz via DP, not tried that.
  18. D

    2019 vs 2018 MacBook Pro Touch Bar subtle changes

    Hello! I just noticed under About This Mac > System Report > USB > iBridge Bus that there seem to be new components showing up for the 2019 MacBook Pros that weren't there on the 2018 MacBook Pro. Could anyone with a 2018 MacBook Pro confirm that they do not see them? I don't remember seeing...
  19. D

    Do you have a 2018 MacBook Pro? Watch out for these issues.

    Hello all! I just wanted to tell you about three different issues that I had with my 2018 MacBook Pro that you may want to watch out for. Pink dot on LCD screen Graphic garbling on the screen Failed keyboard Yup! I won the lemon tech lottery with this Mac. The screen got replaced for the...
  20. C

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil 2 not working on iPad Pro 11" 2018 edges?

    Hello guys, I've been using the iPad Pro 2018 + Apple Pencil 2 and it's been going great but I notice that when I try to use an app like notes or notability if I try to write/draw near the top and down bezels (if the iPad is in the normal vertical position) the pencil is not detected. This...